Taken 22 Sept 2016 Age 69
Taken 22 Sept 2016 Age 69

Welcome to Men Over 60 Health Info! Here we can discuss yours and my steps to slow down the aging process.  For more detail on how we can help each other revitalize ourselves and turn back the clock go here:

Eat and Stay Slim (12/10/2017) - One of the main reasons why people tend to overeat and gain weight is because they don’t eat enough to feel full. I’ve talked to Faivish Pewzner, the COO of Americare Companies, to give me an explanation, and he admits
Faivish Pewzner: Proper Nutrition for the Seniors (12/10/2017) - Lately, due to the dramatic gains in life expectancy, the term gerontology is being mentioned frequently. Gerontology is a comprehensive study of the aging process and the particular problems of old people. Nowadays there are specialized clinics and hospital departments
Anti-Aging Facts & Myths (12/5/2017) - There is a continuous rise in normal life expectancy and a lot of us can anticipate a life which is a lot longer compared to our ancestors. In reality, our bodies were built with the capability of healing themselves so long as you take appropriate care of yourself.
What Healthy Eating Habits Have You Established in Your 60s? (12/4/2017) - Everyone’s body is different and thus, before changing your diet plan, a checkup with doctor is in order. Kefir is a great nutritional item to add to your diet in order to support that healthy bacteria production in your stomach. It contains a great amount of these beneficial bacteria and is rich in probiotic.
Paleo Chicken Soup (12/4/2017) - There was a study more than a decade ago conducted by Dr. Stephen Rennard, of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha. In this study, he investigated why his wife's chicken soup recipe, which was handed down through generations, has healing properties. Using blood samples of volunteers, he concluded that the soup inhibited the movement of neutrophils (the most common infection-fighting white blood cells) and this restriction in movement helps reduce upper respiratory cold symptoms.
Amino Acids: The Basics (12/4/2017) - When we consume protein, this is broken down in our gastrointestinal tract into the various amino acids. These substances are then transformed into new protein material and amino acids, as needed, by a process known as biosynthesis. But if you do not consume enough protein, or the proper type of protein, this process cannot be effective.
Natural vs. Man-made Sweeteners (12/4/2017) - Sweetness is amongst the five basic tastes of this world. It can be said undisputedly that it is a widely cherished taste too. Sweets are very important for any human being in this world. Happiness is associated with sweets. Everywhere sweets are the first thing to be shared when a festival or grand occasion arrives. Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, or Diwali, sweets are everywhere and connect everyone into one pure bond of sheer happiness.
Regular Medical Screenings For Seniors (12/4/2017) - After a certain age, it's vital that we go to the doctor to get checked out. Doing so helps ensure that we live a long and healthful life. These screenings are going to help us to stay active and healthy. Life is meant for living and there should be nothing slowing us down.
Antioxidants And Their Effects On The Aging Process (12/4/2017) - Destruction from free radical is accumulative and extends fast over time. Be kind to your body by providing it with a diet which has a lot of antioxidant nutrition. Form a routine of consuming vegetables and fruits, take vitamins and attempt to reduce or stop destructive poor habits. In 20 years you will be grateful to yourself.
How to Use Scents to Fresh the Air in Your Room for Better Sleep (12/4/2017) - The concept of aroma therapy is gaining a lot of appreciation and attention because of the positive effects of fragrances on sleep.
Health Benefits of Garlic Extract (12/3/2017) - Some recent research suggests that garlic extract can even help prevent the loss of bone density, and help detoxify heavy metals from the body. Garlic extract has so many useful benefits that it would not hurt to talk to your primary care provider and see if using a daily extract could help you reap some of those benefits.
Five Personality Traits that Facilitate Healthy Aging (12/3/2017) - What matters the most when you reach your 60’s? At that point of your life, you want to achieve a lot and you find ways to contribute to the society in your own way. The main thing is to not let yourself believe that you are OLD. 60 is just a number and you still have plenty of years ahead.
Isometric Exercises: Neck (12/3/2017) - The combination of concentric and eccentric muscle contractions, which occur during Isometric Exercise, will help strengthen the head and neck.
Paleo Pork BBQ (12/3/2017) - There is only 1 rule in Paleo diet meats: if it used to make a sound (moo, oink, baa, pika-pi, mee), then it is Paleo-friendly. You'll be glad to hear that almost all meats are Paleo except of course for the highly-processed meats liked canned meat (spam, corned beef, canned sausages, burgers), hotdogs, and other types of low quality meats. Bacon is also Paleo provided it didn't go through heavy processing and doesn't contain additional nitrites/nitrates and sweeteners. Going to a butcher shop where meats are cut on site is your best bet in getting the unprocessed ones.
Foods To Prevent Bloating (12/3/2017) - Most of our body’s fat takes up residency around our stomach. This is where our digestive system and our intestines are located. It’s also where we feel the most bloated. Bloating often occurs when we eat too much fat, too
What is ZMA? (12/3/2017) - One benefit of ZMA is that it can provide deeper levels of REM sleep, and deeper sleep provides for enhanced muscle repair and growth. Not to mention the rest and relaxation needed to provide a fresh start for the next day’s workout.
What is a balanced and healthy diet (12/2/2017) - It can be hard to always eat a regular portion size. But, if we're going to live a healthy life, then we have to do it. Consider buying a kitchen scale to measure your food. Then, read the serving size on each product you eat. If a box of cereal says a serving size is ¾ cup, for instance, then measure this in your scale.
Why is Fiber a carbohydrate but doesn’t count as a carbohydrate? (12/2/2017) - Counting carbs is not always easy, but understanding them is half the battle. While fiber may be tricky, it’s considered a good carb and should be thought of as such. White sugar and white bread are much higher on the Glycemic Index, putting us more at risk for diabetes. But those foods that are low help our digestive system feel more full when we are eating.
Roasted Vegetables with Garlic and Pepper Cashew Dip (12/2/2017) - I used to hate vegetables when I was a kid. My dad would usually sit in front of me when I eat just to watch and make sure I swallow them vegetables. This recipe is a great way to introduce vegetables to kids as a delicious and nutritious food.
Health Benefits of Massage (12/2/2017) - There’s nothing worse than the feeling of a pounding head, knowing you have a busy agenda for the day. But look no farther than massage. If you can’t afford to get to a massage therapist, massage the temple points right to the side of each eye. Massage your forehead and behind your ears.
Why Sleep is Important for Your Happiness as an Older Adult (12/2/2017) - To get a better night's sleep, start with the creation of a relaxing sleeping environment, devoid of unnecessary distractions and especially electronic items. The bed and the bedroom should be your sanctuary a place where you feel the quiet and pay attention to yourself.
Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health By William Davis MD (12/2/2017) - More than 200 million Americans consistently devour food items made from wheat. Therefore, more than 100 million of them experience some type of unfriendly well-being impact; going from minor rashes and high glucose to the ugly stomach swells that preventive cardiologist William Davis calls "wheat bellies." According to Dr. Davis, that overabundance of fat has nothing to do with intemperance, sloth, or an excessive amount of margarine: It's because of the entire range of grain wraps we have for lunch.
Top Tips for a Balanced Diet Over 60 (12/1/2017) - Though nutritional supplements are important, having your daily dietary needs met with the consumption of a balanced diet is the smartest move. At 60, after your retirement, your primary goal should be a healthy and happy life… with a balanced diet, let us celebrate life!
Flourless Chocolate Cake with Orange Whipped Cream (12/1/2017) - If you’re craving chocolate, then this light cake is the perfect replacement. Its deep richness is so satisfying and the lightly scented orange whipped cream helps cut the richness of the chocolate. For this cake, a very little goes a long way to satisfy your craving.
Want to Sleep Better? Stop Consuming these 5 Things Before Bed (12/1/2017) - Make changes to what you are eating before bed. Some food items aren’t beneficial after you reach 60 and can affect the slumbers by influencing the production of the sleeping hormone known as melatonin.

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