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Selfie Ray Plumlee Taken 18 Nov 2018 at age 71
Selfie Ray Plumlee Taken 18 Nov 2018 at age 71

Welcome to Men Over 60 Health Info! Here we can discuss yours and my steps to slow down the aging process.  For more detail on how we can help each other revitalize ourselves and turn back the clock go here:

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How Finding Your Purpose Could Protect Your Brain After 60 (12/10/2018) by Joseph Shane Posted in: Anti-Aging, Brain Health, Health Articles, Mental Health, Overall Health - Your attitude towards life has a huge role in protecting and maintaining your health. Studies have shown that positive thoughts and attitude can not only strengthen your immune system but also decrease pain and chronic disease providing stress relief. Apart from that, it also Reduces Heart Disease Risk and Influences Gene Expression.
Facts on Reservatrol (12/7/2018) by NWilkinson Posted in: Anti-Aging, Health Articles, Overall Health, Supplementation - Reservatrol has also been shown to benefit various other health conditions. One study in Missouri stated that the substance may slow down the effects of aging on our vision by adversely affecting the growth of blood vessels in our eyes which may damage our eyesight.
Life Extension Research: What’s on the Horizon? (12/4/2018) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Anti-Aging, Cutting Edge Solutions, Health Articles, Overall Health - This content is restricted to site members. If you are an existing user, please log in. New users may register below.Existing Users Log InUsernamePassword Remember Me  New User RegistrationChoose a Username*First Name*Last Name*Address 1Address 2City*State*ZipCountry*PhoneEmail*Biographical Info*Required field
Intermittent Fasting To Break Through A Low Carb Plateau (12/1/2018) by NWilkinson Posted in: Dieting, Ketogenic, Ketogenic Diet, Low-Carb Diets, Misc. Low-Carb Diets - If you are experiencing any low carb stalls. Have had success losing weight on a low carb diet, but are now "treading water" or gaining a little bit of weight back. It might be worth taking a few intermittent fasts in order to see if that helps. Try giving yourself specific eating windows. Or, you can try the 24 hour approach, where you eat dinner and then do not eat anything else until dinner the next night, which means that you are still eating every day, just a limited amount of foods.
Supplements For Seniors Part 1: Why Nutritional Supplements Are More Necessary For Aging Men, Especially Men Over 60 (11/28/2018) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Health Articles, Nutrition, Overall Health, Supplementation - Aging men need more than 40 nutrients to stay healthy. With age, it becomes more important that diets contain enough calcium, fiber, iron, protein, and the vitamins A, B12, C, D and Folacin. Older adults should reduce calories, select nutrient-dense foods, and enjoy smaller portions of foods high in sodium, sugar and carbohydrates.
Nutritional Supplements For Seniors: Best Vitamin’s (11/25/2018) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Anti-Aging, Antioxidants, Ongoing Discussion, Supplementation, Works For Me - In this post I am discussing how I will tie the various articles on this site together. When I say together I mean how I used or considered the various supplements, exercise regimens, alternative medicine techniques etc. in my lifestyle regimen. To discuss this I will have to use a timeline of my life beginning in the late 1980's when I was in my 30's.
How to Use Scents to Fresh the Air in Your Room for Better Sleep (11/22/2018) by Joseph Shane Posted in: Alternative Solutions, Aromatherapy, Health Articles, Sleep, Works For Me - The concept of aroma therapy is gaining a lot of appreciation and attention because of the positive effects of fragrances on sleep. Recent studies show that specific essential oils used in aromatherapy can relieve stress, relax the body, thus promoting better sleep.
Ketogenic Diet 2, How Does It Work? (11/19/2018) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Cancer, Dieting, Ketogenic, Ketogenic Diet - The trends of weight loss programs and fads can rise and fall in popularity at some surprising rates with very little staying power in today’s society. However, there are a few that have stood the test of time so far. One such example is the Ketogenic Diet and its goal of achieving a state of ketosis. In this article, the Ketogenic Diet will be examined from the basic information of the diet along with the pros and cons and a couple of samples of this diet.
Most Effective Ways to Live Longer by Dr Jonny Bowden, The (11/16/2018) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Book Reviews - The book contains over 264 pages of info regarding living a lengthy, wholesome lifespan. The attractive, bright colored photos come with simple to read, easy to understand information about how to reduce the tell tale signs of aging by dealing with "The Four Housemen of Aging" - Free Radicals (Oxidation), Inflammation, Glycation and Stress.
Antioxidants And Their Effects On The Aging Process (11/13/2018) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Anti-Aging, Antioxidants - Destruction from free radical is accumulative and extends fast over time. Be kind to your body by providing it with a diet which has a lot of antioxidant nutrition. Form a routine of consuming vegetables and fruits, take vitamins and attempt to reduce or stop destructive poor habits. In 20 years you will be grateful to yourself.
Pomegranate Extract (11/10/2018) by NWilkinson Posted in: Health Articles, Nutrition, Supplementation - Pomegranate extract has been show to dramatically reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, as well as in the growth of cancer cells, both in the breast and colon. From heart disease to obesity, chronic inflammation is a major factor in death and disability, therefore reducing the risk by reducing inflammation is key.
Why is Fiber a carbohydrate but doesn’t count as a carbohydrate? (11/7/2018) by Jennifer Olson Posted in: Atkins Diet, Carb/Sugar Related Information, Dieting, Health Articles, Low-Carb Diets, Misc. Low-Carb Diets, Nutrition - Counting carbs is not always easy, but understanding them is half the battle. While fiber may be tricky, it’s considered a good carb and should be thought of as such. White sugar and white bread are much higher on the Glycemic Index, putting us more at risk for diabetes. But those foods that are low help our digestive system feel more full when we are eating.
Want to Sleep Better? Stop Consuming these 5 Things Before Bed (11/4/2018) by Joseph Shane Posted in: Health Articles, Overall Health, Sleep - Make changes to what you are eating before bed. Some food items aren’t beneficial after you reach 60 and can affect the slumbers by influencing the production of the sleeping hormone known as melatonin. There are a lot of ways in which you can treat the insomnia or combat sleeping issues with some simple techniques and natural ways. One of them is to make changes to what you are eating before bed.
Bio-hacking (11/1/2018) by NWilkinson Posted in: Health Articles - Scientists have, for years now, been experimenting with how to treat the human condition at its most basic levels. That is, by altering the building blocks themselves, which make up our biology. While we are, at the moment, taking baby steps into this brave new world, it would seem inevitable that at some point in our future, near or far as that may be, science will tame our genetic code. Instead of going to the beauty parlor, will we simply be able to turn on a gene for blonde hair? Will we be able to live out extended lives in a disease free body, designed to our own exacting standards?
Cardio Exercise Tips for Seniors (10/29/2018) by Joseph Shane Posted in: Anti-Aging, Exercise and Fitness, Health Articles - Stick to your exercise plans, they will do you better than your favorite easy chair. Most of physical decline according to many researchers comes from an increased inactivity opposed to aging itself. When it comes to cardio exercises, it is important to know that, your life is at stake and your level of commitment and care is what will decide the health of your heart.
Bacon and Egg Cups (10/26/2018) by Chase Tatoy Posted in: Health Articles, Ketogenic Recipes, Low Carb Recipes, Paleo Recipes, Recipes - So what's difficult about frying bacon and eggs? Well, today we are gonna get a little bit creative. We are going to shape the bacon into cups and have the eggs in as a filling. Think of this as a combination of a Pinterest project and a Buzzfeed food test. Now, commence baconization!
How bad for your health is diet soda? (10/23/2018) by Jennifer Olson Posted in: Carb/Sugar Related Information, Health Articles, Nutrition, Overall Health - Are you experiencing mood swings, the jitters or tired? These are all signs of caffeine withdrawal. You have drank so much soda that your body has become dependent on it. It’s become conditioned to having caffeine to get through the day—and this is not a good way to live. Let these withdrawals come and then ease yourself off of caffeine.
What Healthy Eating Habits Have You Established in Your 60s? (10/19/2018) by Joseph Shane Posted in: Health Articles, Nutrition, Overall Health, Supplementation - Everyone’s body is different and thus, before changing your diet plan, a checkup with doctor is in order. Kefir is a great nutritional item to add to your diet in order to support that healthy bacteria production in your stomach. It contains a great amount of these beneficial bacteria and is rich in probiotic.
Low-T (Testosterone) (10/17/2018) by NWilkinson Posted in: Anti-Aging, Cutting Edge Solutions, Health Articles, Overall Health, Recommended Reading, Sex Health, Works For Me - Once you have been diagnosed with a low testosterone condition, what can you do about it? To many, the obvious choice would seem to be testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. This type of treatment is administered by a physician, and may take many forms. You could use patches, which can irritate the skin, or creams, which must be carefully protected from touch by others. It could also entail a patch on your gum, which could be irritating, implants under the skin of your buttocks, or periodic injections.
Getting Enough Sleep Will Increase Your Productivity (10/15/2018) by NWilkinson Posted in: Alternative Solutions, Brain Health, Overall Health, Sleep - Good sleep is essential to good living. Take the time to relax and put yourself into a natural sleep cycle that works best for your body. Start with 7-8 quality hours of sleep, and talk to your medical provider if you’re experiencing difficulty sleeping or symptoms of insomnia.


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