Each one of us starts to age the instant we are born. It is not possible to prevent aging; if you are living, you are aging.

However, numerous things exist which you can carry out to sustain an active and healthy you and to get rid of or at least restrict a lot of elements which lead to aging.

From the time Ponce de Leon went looking for the Fountain of Youth, individuals have been searching for methods to control the process of aging.

Advancements in the Fight against Aging

Wonderful improvements have been made by medical science to keep individuals alive longer by avoiding illnesses and curing them and assisting people to live more joyful lives which are also healthier.

There is a continuous rise in normal life expectancy and a lot of us can anticipate a life which is a lot longer compared to our ancestors. In reality, our bodies were built with the capability of healing themselves so long as you take appropriate care of yourself.

Your body consists of around 100 trillion or 100,000,000,000,000 cells that are living. They use appropriate food to maintain strength and health. All these trillion cells die and are substituted at constant intervals by other cells. Your whole body is practically totally restored every few years; in reality, you are a different person from before!

Body Cells and Anti-Aging

How your cells operate is the answer to anti-aging:

After the death of a cell three possible things must occur:

  1. If appropriate nutrition has not been provided to a cell, its substitute is going to be the cell’s weaker version. In such a case, your body is deteriorating.
  1. The substitute cell might be as strong as its forerunner. In this instance, your body normally stays the same.
  1. The third likelihood is that the new cell is more powerful than the earlier one.

You are currently really renewing the body and overturning the process of aging. This can occur only if you provide your cells with a lot of appropriate food energy to function with.

At times, normally when we are in the late twenties or early thirties, a lot of us begin taking note of those initial signs that we are no longer children; the appearance of a number of gray hairs, facial wrinkles and the beginning of drooping of the skin.

Other signs appear slowly as more time passes; it is a bit difficult to wake up in the morning, our sight and hearing are no longer the same and our sex life is not as energetic as we recall.

As we check around, we see similar things taking place to our family and friends. A lot of us normally embrace what we view as nature’s unavoidable process.

Your Age is Determined by Your Feelings

If you consider yourself growing older and feel this way, you are then! The state of your mind has an impact on the happenings inside your body. In the meantime, you witness your body growing older; therefore, you feel older which strengthens your body’s aging processes. It turns into a cycle which is vicious.

You Can Change Things

As you become aware of your body appearing and feeling younger, there will be improvement in your mindset. This encourages you to go on with your practices for anti-aging which creates a loop for favorable feedback, rather than an unfavorable one. Therefore, this process speeds up.

Today, individuals are living longer because of enhanced medical breakthroughs, raised awareness of how vital a healthy lifestyle is and other elements which are connected.

The body of Humans Can withstand a lot of Mistreatment and Neglect

It is not every time that we consider our bad habits as it might take decades or years for the impacts to show. However, if you neglect yourself for a long time you might one day discover yourself suffering in your old age with a huge range of illnesses and complaints such as trouble with sight, hearing, cancer, brittle bones, heart disease and a lot of other issues.

However, it just takes awareness and a small amount of work to avoid many if not all of these widespread issues connected with age from showing. No quick cure or magic pill is available and some effort will be required on our part. However, the outcomes will be worth it.

To you, how much would it be worth it to derive pleasure in your last years as a grownup who is active, healthy and capable of continuing to carry out a lot of the things you adore most?

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Retired USN "Mustang"(Enlisted to Officer) Officer. World traveler, been to 38 countries.
After retiring in 1994, I kept myself busy traveling as an online web programmer. Maybe you heard of me, Have Web Sites Will Travel? I then retired for a second time in 2010. Recently to keep busy I started a 3rd career, a career dedicated to me. My full time dedication is to my health and fitness. My job is to research everything to do with health and fitness (Yes, sexual health) and everything else related. I workout 6 times a week, closely monitor my diet and nutrition. I have started an online blog dedicated to the health and fitness of men over 60. So you can see I keep myself very busy.

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