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One of the main reasons why people tend to overeat and gain weight is because they don’t eat enough to feel full. I’ve talked to Faivish Pewzner, the COO of Americare Companies, to give me an explanation, and he admits it seems paradoxical, but it’s simply true. If you eat a lot, you can stay slim and avoid overeating.

Here are some tips suggested by Pewzner that can help elderly succeed in eating healthy and staying slim:

  1. Eat Enough Carbs

Despite the popular belief that carbs are bad for your line, bread, pasta, rice and beans should make up a third of your daily diet. Regularly eat bread with meals, because if you avoid it you’ll probably end up eating the same amount of some other food that has way more calories. The above-mentioned products are not high in calories, which means they won’t make you gain weight unless you don’t add some high-fat sauces, butter or something similar.

  1. Eat Products with High-Water Content

High-water-content foods will make you feel full. These foods are hydrating, refreshing, filled with nutrients, and naturally low in calories. This includes non-creamy soups, homemade low-fat soup, and other stews.

  1. Cut off the Unnecessary Fat from Your Diet

A little fat is necessary for good health, but you do not need to exaggerate. The elderly healt-care expert recommends avoiding such food as much as possible, but not completely cutting them off your diet.

  1. Instead of Candy Eat Fruit and Vegetable

Celery, cucumbers, apples, mandarins and other similar foods make you full, and they’re low in calories. Plus they are rich in vitamins and minerals, which is always a good thing. Stay away from those grab-and-go shakes or bars.

  1. Replace Deep-fried Food with Grilled or Steamed Food

Instead of cooking your food in deep fryer or pan, using high-fat oil, he suggests preparing it with a steamer or on a grill. It will also make you full, but it will contain way fewer calories.

Being balanced in your food will make you younger and even feel balanced in other aspects of your health. Losing weight doesn’t mean being constantly hungry. Eating real food is the only solution for this strategy.


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