Atkins’ diet is a nutrition tampering program that works for anybody who looks for an idea of lowering body weight based on the basic idea of metabolism. Atkins produces an idea of reducing body weight by reducing the intake of carbohydrate which induces a reaction of fat burning. The diet name is taken from the name of its inventor, Robert Atkins who gets the idea of this fat burning method from  The Journal of the American Medical Association which is where he read a research paper about “Weight Reduction” by Alfred W. Pennington who published in the journal in 1958 and later inspires a method that is used and adopted around the world.

Initially the inspiration wasn’t used to be a method of making money. As most inventors would do, Atkins expands the idea and used it to control his own weight. Being overweight and wanting to be slimmer is the basic intention of every research he has done. From this research he concluded that:

  • Body makes energy by metabolizing sugar or fat.
  • Sugar becomes the most favorite intake for your body because it is easier to change into energy.
  • Stuffed and hungry is a cycle that is caused by carbohydrate or sugar intake.
  • Body would automatically burn fat if you don’t take in enough sugar.

And thus the idea of taking in more calories from less sugar is applied.

The result of this method worked quite well for Atkins. He eventually loses a few pounds during the first month. Based on this idea he then starts to consume lesser calories from carbohydrates and stuff himself with more calories from protein an fat. The idea is simple, which is he should eat something without carbohydrates but have other combinations of everything else including fat. He keeps doing this until a few weeks later when he finds his progress has gone quite well. On some occasions he had to eat carbs but it doesn’t give any effect to his weight. He also didn’t gain weight even if he actually consumes considerable amount fat on his diet.

At 1972 he brought up his great invention to the world by writing a book called Dr. Atkins’ Diet Revolution. This first revolution causes some attention from the public and researchers. Some rejections start to appear but some try this idea and achieve a great success. Through this book Atkins achieves acknowledgment from his colleagues and the public. Being a researcher he feels obliged to answer criticism with better conclusions which he then published, after decades of research, the book called Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution which was published in 2002.

In his new books Atkins refines his method and explains things that he missed explaining in his first book. He doesn’t stop here. He continues the research and publishes another book eight years later and a related book of recipes released a year later by Colette Heimowitz. His book in 2010 is related to an idea that makes his weight reduction method better since it is explained in methods and food choices. The cooking recipe book is based on his suggestion thus it gives advantages for everybody who wants a tasty nutritious food without risking gaining weight.

Some research has shown that Atkins method actually gives more advantages than harm. Various health markers are increased which would make people healthier. Some of this research doesn’t really explain that the diet method really gives good advantages to health but a conclusion can be easily drawn if you read the conclusion.

  • A study publishes a finding that says this diet method would reduce risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Other studies have stated the possibility of the diet giveing some benefit for people with type 2 diabetes, cancer, and epilepsy.
  • Studies have concluded that Atkins diet is capable of preventing heart disease.
  • You can consume more cholesterol, and increase your good HDL in blood.
  • Methylglyoxal is another substance that is increased by Atkins diet which is rumored to prevent or even reduce cancer.

Most of these advantages are not really concluded by the studies. The conclusion is drawn from results that are presented for the public. Since those subjects are still debatable the possibilities still goes both ways. Therefore, it would be much better if you spend a month trying the method and another month trying an alternative if Atkins method doesn’t work for you.

Once researchers doubted the long term effect of Atkins diets. Such obviously caused by the amount of time that Atkins uses for researching. Thus, in order to make a perfect method he designs a method that consists of first phase which you should perform with discipline and caution. The method is based on his previous idea of weight loss but it gives a better explanation for what to do.

In phase 1 you would need to perform a dramatic change which reduces your carb intake until reaches 20 grams or lower. In this situation it is much better if you don’t eat carbs at all. You will evade rice, bread, potatoes, nuts, seeds and any other food materials that contain carbs. You can eat any other food material including cheese and milk for your daily food. This first method is called “induction”. After 2 weeks you would add some carbs from nuts or seeds into your food. At his point you have lost some of your weight and you are about to lose more.

The third phase is an important phase since the acceleration of your weight loss would be increased especially if you have lots of physical activity every day. Weigh your body often thus you would know that you are close to your target weight. At this point intake of carbs would be increased and your weight loss would be slower. Now you are at your weight target and you would need to maintain your weight by evading excessive carb intake. Your appetite would seem to be lower and easy to control. Your weight would stays in certain range. You don’t have to worry if you have to take some carbs into your body since it would still give little or no effect to your body.

Although a little dry this video is a very comprehensive explanation of the Atkins diet.

BBC Documentary, A profile of Dr. Robert Atkins, the diet doctor whose theories on nutrition have change everything about nutrition!

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