A great Abdomen Along With Great Pecs Is Always A Goal To Have.
A great Abdomen Along With Great Pecs Is Always A Goal To Have.

Isometric chest exercises help strengthen the core parts of your body by using a combination of eccentric and concentric muscle contractions. It’s important to strengthen the muscles in this area with Isometric Exercise. While many may think that this exercise is something that is primarily needed for an athlete who requires bulk and extra muscle in the chest or pectoral area, or perhaps for added definition when body building, the truth is that a strong and well-defined chest can help prevent injury, and strengthen and tone the upper and lower pectoral muscles.

  1. Isometric “Door Flys”: Start by standing in a doorway and putting your hands on the door frame, at about chest level. Then, work out by pulling your chest inward and toward the doorway. Make sure that you feel your pecs stretch out as you’re pulling, and hold the position for about thirty seconds. Rest until you feel your pecs loosen up, and repeat the movement up to twenty-five times. Pull your chest forward into the doorway. Feel the stretch across your pecs.
  2. Isometric Push-Ups: There’s one main difference between standard push ups and isometric push ups. That is, instead of going all the way down to the floor, you hold the position partway down. Lower your body halfway to the floor, count to ten while holding the position, contract your chest muscles and release them. Then, rise back up. You can do as many of these push ups as you feel comfortable doing
  3. Isometric Chest Press: In this exercise, you stand (or sit with your back straight) and place your hands firmly together. Hold your hands together in front of your chest and push them together with as much intensity as you can muster, flexing your pectoral muscles at the same time. Hold each muscle contraction for up to fifteen seconds, and do this in sets of ten or twenty. Make sure to rest between sets, in order to allow your muscles a chance to relax between contractions. .

Using these concentric and eccentric activities, you can build a strong chest, and reap the same benefits as a star athlete, or body building champion. Use these exercises to boost your chest mass, and remember that you can do these exercises virtually anywhere, and at virtually any time. The key is to use an amount of intensity that works best for you while flexing your chest, or pectoral muscles.

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