Disappointment, Expectation, Reality
Disappointment equals Expectation over Reality

Being over the age of 60 doesn’t ever mean that you have perfected your life to an extent that you won’t feel emotions like disappointment. This is a feeling that is a part of everyone’s life, irrespective of age. But as we grow older, the causes behind the disappointment change. Sometimes you feel disappointed due to monetary issues, at other times it is health deterioration or some family matters. For some people it is the broken promises that trigger disappointment.

Whatever the reason may be, disappointment is a challenging emotion and it decreases the positivity and spirit to live. It brings out helplessness from within and it makes it really hard for you to find happiness again.

Dealing with disappointment over the age of 60 is an art of its own. You have now seen decades in this world and your expectations are mingled with a sense of utter hope and hopelessness. We are here to give you some tips on how to deal with disappointment when you exceed your 60’s:

Manage your expectations:

Expectations sometimes cross the threshold of reality and loom over the wishful side. You need to be careful what your expectations are from humans and decrease them accordingly. The outcomes of your relationships or the attempts at making more money, to name a few, are not always what you think of. Optimism is good, no doubt, but sometimes it is better to not expect much. Your worldly experience has shown you that.

Learn to accept the reality:

This is one of the major lessons of life that people often overlook. Learning to accept the reality about most of the things in life is essential. Anything can happen and you must have the will and strength to accept it. When you face disappointment from someone’s attitude, for example, the best thing is to accept it and do not strike back. Not everyone you are nice to will reciprocate the niceness. Accept the human thinking and nature and you will decrease your disappointments.

Discover new paths, make new plans:

When you reach the age of 60, you have discovered quite a lot about yourself, your likes and dislikes etc. You know what presses your happy buttons and you can now discover new paths. It is important to deal with disappointment to try tackling the issues in various other ways. For example, if you want to cut down on sugar items, avoid them entirely. But if you do splurge on it just one day, then skip the intake for the next few days and thus, avoid disappointment in health issues.

Always be positive:

Being optimistic and positive is very necessary, especially at age over 60. You can’t let yourself be overly distressed and stressed about worldly things. You should love yourself and who you are what you have become in your life and what you have accomplished. Forget your past and enjoy the present. Lower your expectations and immerse yourself in good thoughts. In this way, your health efficiency will extend and you will learn to understand and cope with the temporary disappointed feeling.

Tips In Dealing with Disappointment

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