Selfie Ray Plumlee Taken 18 Nov 2018 at age 71
Selfie Ray Plumlee Taken 18 Nov 2018 at age 71

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Eye Health Information for Adults Over 60 (3/21/2019) by Joseph Shane Posted in: Health Articles, Overall Health- Low vision is bound to come with time, but vision loss is rare and is a result of either an eye related injury or disease. Why vision loss is a pressing matter as we age is because, the loss of vision gets in the way of our daily routines, making everyday tasks a little more difficult and the intensity of this condition varies from individual to individual. Some injuries can be very serious leading to a loss of peripheral or central vision and many more symptoms. The most common symptoms associated with low vision include hazy vision, night blindness and a constant blurry vision.
Paleo Seafood Paella (3/19/2019) by Chase Tatoy Posted in: Ketogenic Recipes, Low Carb Recipes, Paleo Recipes, Recipes- "No, no, no. You pronounced it wrong." I exclaimed while squeezing lemon on this delicious dish. "It's pronounced as PA-EH-YA." "Really?! I thought it was PA-EL-YA!" He replied with so much amazement! "Well, you've been living a lie. Don't get me started with the rice." I said while handing him a spoon. He looked confused. "What's with the rice?" I smiled and said "You'll find out soon."
Anti-Aging Facts & Myths (3/17/2019) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Anti-Aging- There is a continuous rise in normal life expectancy and a lot of us can anticipate a life which is a lot longer compared to our ancestors. In reality, our bodies were built with the capability of healing themselves so long as you take appropriate care of yourself.
Kettlebell and Kettlebell Workouts (3/15/2019) by NWilkinson Posted in: Exercise and Fitness, Health Articles- By their very nature, typical kettleball exercises build strength and endurance, especially in the shoulders, lower back and legs. They also improve gripping strength. Basic movements in a typical kettleball exercise routine, movements such as the swing, snatch, or clean and jerks, involve the entire body at once, and in a way which closely mimics manual labor, such as shoveling or farm work.
Bio-Hacking Part 2 (3/12/2019) by NWilkinson Posted in: Health Articles- But bio-hacking as it applies to our own bodies is generally thought of as a sort of “do-it-yourself biology.” This is usually done in small groups, or individuals, working at home or in small labs, rarely associated with a business or university. It really just amounts to tinkering with your own biology, experimenting with techniques and substances in order to achieve your optimal physical condition.
Regular Medical Screenings For Seniors (3/10/2019) by Jennifer Olson Posted in: Health Articles, Overall Health- After a certain age, it's vital that we go to the doctor to get checked out. Doing so helps ensure that we live a long and healthful life. These screenings are going to help us to stay active and healthy. Life is meant for living and there should be nothing slowing us down.
Amino Acids: The Basics (3/7/2019) by NWilkinson Posted in: Health Articles, Nutrition, Supplementation- When we consume protein, this is broken down in our gastrointestinal tract into the various amino acids. These substances are then transformed into new protein material and amino acids, as needed, by a process known as biosynthesis. But if you do not consume enough protein, or the proper type of protein, this process cannot be effective.
Margherita Pizza with Cauliflower Crust (3/5/2019) by Chase Tatoy Posted in: Ketogenic Recipes, Low Carb Recipes, Recipes- This content is restricted to site members. If you are an existing user, please log in. New users may register below.Existing Users Log InUsernamePassword Remember Me  New User RegistrationChoose a Username*First Name*Last Name*Address 1Address 2City*State*ZipCountry*PhoneEmail*Biographical Info*Required field
Alkaline and Body Chemistry (3/3/2019) by NWilkinson Posted in: Health Articles- In general, alkaline foods consist of dried fruit, potatoes, and leafy green vegetables. Salad greens such as lettuce, spinach, and red and green cabbage are also good examples. Vegetables such as beets, peppers, squash, garlic, zucchini, and cucumbers are also good choices. Natural fats also make the list of acceptable alkaline foods, such as those found in black olives and some nuts. But all nuts are not created equal, so check a list of alkaline varieties before you start snacking. S
Supplements For Seniors Part 4: Superfood Juices And Smoothies (3/1/2019) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Health Articles, Nutrition, Supplementation- A glass of orange juice combines all the fructose (sugar) from a couple of sections of fruit. OJ contains a greater number of calories than pop, be that as it may it tends to be eaten up in more diminutive servings. Squeezed orange juice has 112 calories, pressed apple has 114 calories, and grape juice packs an astounding 152 calories, as demonstrated by the U.S. Branch of Cultivating. The same measure of Coke has 97 calories, and Pepsi has 100 calories.
What are Body Fat Calipers and How Do They Measure Body Fat? (2/27/2019) by Jennifer Olson Posted in: Exercise and Fitness, Health Articles, Overall Health, Works For Me- Health magazines and health talk shows are always talking about body fat and how it correlates with BMI (Body Mass Index.) The body mass index determines if we are underweight, overweight, average, healthy, overweight or obese. If you do not want to go to the doctor to find this out, using a body fat caliper is just as useful. This is a tool that measures your body fat without feeling anxious in a doctor’s office.
Younger Next Year, Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy-Until You’re 80 and Beyond by Henry S. Lodge, M.D (2/24/2019) by Ray Plumlee Posted in: Book Reviews- Turn your biological clock backwards. As much amusing to read as it is enticing - "More youthful One Year from now" draws on the most recent science of maturing to demonstrate how men of 50 years or more can turn out to be practically more youthful consistently for the next five to ten years, and keep on living like fifty-year-olds until very much into their eighties. To appreciate life and be more grounded, more sound, and more ready. To fight off 70% of the typical aging symptoms connected with maturing such as, weakness, sore joints, and detachment and to dispense more than half of all disease and potential injuries.
DNA, Superfood, and Individual Body Chemistry (2/22/2019) by NWilkinson Posted in: Anti-Aging, Caring For Seniors, Cutting Edge Solutions, Dieting, Health Articles, Nutrition, Overall Health- Seve from the gym can choke back a loaf of bread a day and still sport an amazing six-pack, while if you so much as look at a blueberry muffin your little pot belly expands to the size of a cauldron. Maybe you can blame it on your DNA, and now is the time to educate yourself about how you can adjust your diet by adding Superfoods that will better meet your fitness and nutrition goals. Let me give you an example. We all know that protein and nuts are keywords, and that nuts are an amazing Superfood, but, what some may not know is that nuts are also high in protein and fat content. This makes nuts difficult for your body to fully digest and if the fats and protein do not break down in the correct way, your immune system can be triggered to create antibodies that work to inflame the body’s sebaceous glands and cause pimples!
Importance Of Walking To The Health Of Men Over 60 (2/14/2019) by Jennifer Olson Posted in: Exercise and Fitness- Research has shown, that when people walk after dinner, this lowers their blood sugar. George Washington University researchers studied people over 60 whose blood sugar was elevated but they did not have diabetes. When they walked briskly for 15 minutes, their blood sugar was lower from when they started. This helps the insulin in your body work more effectively. And, walking helps to strengthen the muscles all throughout your body.
Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machines (2/12/2019) by NWilkinson Posted in: Exercise and Fitness, Health Articles- This type of passive exercise may sound a bit too good to be true, but for some individuals it may be a true blessing. Consider patients with multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease, or even osteoarthritis who are unable to commit to a regimen of regular exercise. These patients would benefit greatly from the muscle toning and conditioning attributed to whole body vibration.
L-arginine (2/10/2019) by NWilkinson Posted in: Health Articles, Nutrition, Supplementation- One of the most important characteristics of L-arginine may be its ability to reduce blood pressure. This is especially important for those who suffer from chronic hypertension, or those pregnant women who are at risk for a condition known as pre-eclampsia.
5 Actions to Improve Your Heart Health (2/8/2019) by Joseph Shane Posted in: Health Articles- As you grow older the chances of a heart attack significantly increase due to the fragility of the body and the weakness of the body’s immunity system. There are various ways however, to help the people aged over 60 to take care of their heart health. The main actions in this regard are related to changes in lifestyle and diet.
Will Decaffeinated Coffee Kick You Out of Ketosis? (2/6/2019) by NWilkinson Posted in: Dieting, Ketogenic- However, it is important to know what you are putting into your body. Not all decaf coffee is created equal. Many decaf coffees actually are not "caffeine free", as they still contain smaller amounts of caffeine in them. This is where investigation and monitoring are going to play huge roles in maintaining your "keto discipline".
Thai-Inspired Lettuce Wraps (2/4/2019) by Chase Tatoy Posted in: Health Articles, Low Carb Recipes, Recipes- I believe that one of the best ways to experience another country's culture is through their food. This recipe definitely captured my Thai gastronomic adventure, I hope you give it a try so you could have a glimpse of Thailand.
Sugar Alcohol is Neither A Sugar Nor An Alcohol (2/2/2019) by Sophiajots Posted in: Carb/Sugar Related Information, Dieting, Health Articles, Nutrition- Sugar alcohols are starches with a compound structure that mostly takes after sugar and partly takes after alcohol, yet they don't contain ethanol as alcoholic drinks do. They are neither sugars nor alcohols. They are natural compounds, for the most part, from sugars, that include a class of polyols.

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