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COVID 19 And Senior Men
COVID 19 And Senior Men and Women

Have you noticed a sudden change in your moods after 7 months of a jailed life in your home? Well, yes! We all have. This COVID-19 pandemic is messing with us. At a moment, we feel overly happy, and the next, we are as if we are going to kill everybody around us. So, that’s how we are dwelling in between happiness and sadness. Everything is happening at its extremes.; be it anger, fear, elation, or sorrow.

Well, it’s completely an understandable situation and having a mood swing is nothing but a natural phenomenon. We have got a sudden and kind of change we weren’t expecting. It’s something really big happened in our lives. This so tiny virus roaming around us is also causing social issues like joblessness, fear of disease, anxiety, and depression, and worst of all, it is harming our relationship with each other.

So, let’s get to the point and learn how to cope up with such circumstances.

Social Issues Amidst Pandemic:

While the world is trying to maintain a 6 feet distance between two human beings, each one of us is
now becoming a victim of mental health issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world on the verge
of social and behavioral issues regarding joblessness, risks, and scarred mental health. So, what are we
going to do now?

1. Loss of Job:

Joblessness comes in the face of laid off, downsized, forceful early retirement, and end of contract work.
All of these leave a big and ugly scratch on our minds and life. Loss of a job doesn’t only bring never-
ending stress but also affects our mood, relationships, and emotional and mental health. If you are dug
in this hole, the following questions might haunt you:

  • How can I pay for the necessities? Am I useless to society and my family?
  • Do people think bad of me? So, I might just stop interacting with everyone.
  • How would I build my resources again?
  • Is taking drugs/alcohol the only option left for me?

So, what’s the first thing you could do? The two things being important in this case is, tend to the
unemployment and second, your feeling towards unemployment.

Of all the steps you could do to tackle your unemployment, you need to give yourself a little time to accept this fact. Acknowledge that you have lost your job. You might be in an utter state of shock, so the best you can do is to mourn and grieve for the loss of a job. Don’t throw away your feelings and emotions; rather accept them and know that it is a part of life. This way, you would allow yourself to heal.
Never blame yourself for the loss you got. Tell yourself that it is this pandemic that is causing the
companies to lay off or fire employees. It is nothing to relate it with your self-worth. Try seeking other
opportunities and resources which may not be handsome initially, but they are worth the try. Make sure
you don’t spend hours and hours in front of a laptop screen searching for a job; it will make you more
stressed. Try communicating with your family and friends and lead a balanced life.

2. Relationship Issues:

We all never expected that life would turn out to be this way. On one end, if we are trying to be cautious
of the virus by maintaining SOPs, the other is we are losing our hold and grip on to the most important
thing, that is, relationships. Living in a four-wall for the past 7 months would look like a blessing had it
not been COVID-19 days. But unfortunately, our home looks like a jail nowadays where we follow the
same usual routine that is making us lose our mind.

There is uncontrolled anger, agony, stress, and God knows what, that is creating a deep hole in our
relationships. So, if you ask yourself, “how can I get out of it?” you are indeed having a sense of
responsibility by showing that yes, relationships do matter.

First, you need to kick out criticism and judgment, whether it is against yourself and others. Show an act
of compassion and gratitude towards yourself and your partner. Try to be positive in situations that go
out of your hands, this way you will be able to find a solution. Even if you feel as if a devil gets awake
inside you, don’t throw it on each other, rather act like a sensible and mature person and talk it out.
You need to show kindness to everyone living with you in a house, getting angry at each other couldn’t
let this pandemic get over. Your kids learn from your action, so never give them any reason to be the
bad version of themselves. Try to create a fun and loving environment inside of your house by doing
jokes, working together, and much more.

The last thing is, learn to appreciate each other’s space. What often we neglect is the personal space we
all need. So, accept the fact that one would need some time alone.

3. Fear of Disease:

The main reason for getting a fear of disease is knowing the fact that no one has got immunity against it
and there is no vaccine for it. So, panic is a genuine reaction to the pandemic and virus itself. People fail
to get a rational approach resulting in a fear of disease. You need to calm your farm to tackle the
ongoing panic and to stay positive amidst COVID-19.

The foremost thing required from you is to refrain from indulging in excessive use of social
media and getting updated minute to minute with the news. Know the fact that we can often
experience mild cold and flu-like symptoms, but that doesn’t mean you have got corona. Since it is a
droplet disease, the best way to protect yourself is to avoid going to crowded areas and use

You are stuck at home, and you are advised not to go out unless it is necessary. But that doesn’t mean
you cannot go out for a walk or biking/cycling.

4. Anxiety/Depression:

As nobody knows when exactly we become corona free, the effect of COVID-19 continues outrageously
throughout the globe. People are becoming a victim of their emotions and feelings and ending up having anxiety and depression. We can be overwhelmed by any of the following reactions:

  • Feeling stressed
  • Anxiety, worry, or fear
  • Racing thoughts
  • Sadness, tearfulness, loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy before
  • Physical symptoms, such as increased heart rate, stomach upset, fatigue, etc.
  • Frustration, irritability, or anger
  • Restlessness or agitation
  • Helplessness
  • Concentrating and sleeping problems
  • Feeling disconnected from people
  • Trouble relaxing

Before you drown completely in the valley of anxiety/depression, start practicing self-care habits. Get
enough sleep and stop thinking too much. Take a healthy diet and exercise more to keep yourself free
from negative thoughts. Meditation/yoga is another effective process to calm yourself. Don’t come near
to any harmful things like tobacco or alcohol; instead, talk to someone you can trust. Sit quietly for a few
minutes; this will make you refresh.

Stick with your normal routine and do activities that you love doing. As social media and news are ruling
our minds these days, it’s better if you can limit the time of exposure to these things. Staying busy is
another best way to cope up with anxiety/depression. Do something positive to lead a content life
throughout the pandemic.

You can also learn how to touch your spiritual side; you might become humble by the end of this


We all know that we are doing what we can against COVID-19. So, let our hopes be high and be
optimistic. Breathe in, breathe out! We have come so far, and we are going to make it.

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