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What 70 Plus Years Have Taught Me About Health and Fitness is, point blank, one of the most informative and honest books I’ve had the pleasure to read. One thing that really stands out is that “Ray” never talks down to the reader. This book is very much one man’s approach to staying active and getting in great shape and staying healthy and happy. The best part is, in my opinion, the fact that these are time tested nuggets of information that actually work and have a track record of success.

What 70 Plus Years Have Taught Me About Health and Fitness takes us far away from the ‘good old days’ when older people were advised to have a much more sedentary lifestyle. Gone are the days when we were told to just sit back and relax, while basically avoiding exercise as if it were stress. Of course, now we know that this is a mistake and that regular exercise and keeping healthy is a great way to reduce stress.

Through this personally crafted book, “Ray” talks about how the older we get, the more we need to start focusing on our health and how making changes to your exercise regimen and diet until you have a health scare isn’t the greatest option. While reading, we learn the importance of getting in shape and eating healthy, and how that can help seniors avoid some of those health scares that many Americans face as we age.

Don’t worry, this isn’t just another author telling us the importance of eating right and exercising, that’s in there of course, it’s the benchmark of living well after all. No, What 70 Plus Years Have Taught Me About Health and Fitness is about being healthy while heading into our golden years, and how minor improvements now could prevent major complications down the road. There’s a total mind and body connection here too! The author realizes, and shares with the audience, that being healthy can truly allow us all to truly enjoy the golden days of our lives.

Inside the mesmerizing pages of What 70 Plus Years Have Taught Me About Health and Fitness the author covers a wide range of topics, like: Overeating and how eating unhealthy can consume our thoughts and dominate our bodies, how dieting can be accomplished and how to avoid fad diet traps, the best foods to eat for a healthy lifestyle, the importance and difference between too little exercise and too much exercise, how mental health can affect both our mental and physical wellbeing, the importance of good sleep, supplements and how they can benefit seniors trying to stay in shape, hormone health, and a wide range of other useful information. It’s utterly remarkable that the author was able to compile so much information into one book. Again, this plethora of information comes from someone who is living the lifestyle and walks the walk. He’s not a random expert telling you to live the way he does. No, this book feels personal. It feels like “Ray” is individually reaching out to the reader and trying to genuinely help them improve many different aspects of their life, and how to continue living a healthy life well into the golden years.

Digging a little deeper into the book, Chapter 5 is hands down my favorite section. This chapter is all about cardio, resistance training, and isometric exercises, which is something that I’ve heard a lot about over the years, but never had anyone break it down into such an easy way of understanding what it is and why it’s important. What’s unique about this book is Chapter 6. This chapter is all about mental health and the role exercise, eating right, and living a healthy lifestyle, can play on our long term health and goals. Many books of this nature gloss over mental health, but “Ray” understands that lack of regular exercise can lead to anxiety and depression, and can create a snowball effect when it comes to making bad choices. There’s an old school approach at work here. “Ray” doesn’t care if you use resistance bands, which are his favorite, actual weights, or gym machines. Heck, you can go old school and use soup cans if that’s what you need to get started!

What 70 Plus Years Have Taught Me About Health and Fitness also takes aging and exercise extremely serious. The author understands how hormone depletion, the reduction of muscle mass, and many other variables, come into play when seniors try to make good lifestyle choices and changes. There’s a focus on anti-aging care that can offer invaluable insight into the body, how it ages, and how to keep it healthy and strong while getting older. This is a passion project, and it shows. There was a lot of time and love put into crafting the information and advice available in this book, and you feel that while reading. It’s not just about learning, it’s not just about doing better, it’s about life, aging, and how to keep on keeping on!

Of course, many people will be focused on the dieting and eating healthy aspects of the book, and there’s a ton of information at your fingertips when it comes to that! What 70 Plus Years Have Taught Me About Health and Fitness covers the importance of hydration, and not just for the purpose of exercising, but for maintaining proper balance in the body, how it can improve skin care and organ function, and so much more.

What 70 Plus Years Have Taught Me About Health and Fitness is not a training manual. It’s not a self-help book either. Sure, it has aspects of both of those things, but it never limits itself to telling the reader what to do. Rather, What 70 Plus Years Have Taught Me About Health and Fitness does, is spark a conversation about the importance of later in life care, and how even making small changes now can lead to a longer, happier, more active life. “Ray” knows his stuff, and was generous enough to share his knowledge with the world. Do yourself a favor, or buy it as a gift for someone in your life, and start taking steps toward a more beautiful and better you!

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