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A prestigious cardiologist Dr. Davis clarifies how eradicating wheat from our eating regimen can avoid fat stockpiling, minimize unattractive lumps, and undo a myriad well-being issues.

More than 200 million Americans consistently devour food items made from wheat. Therefore, more than 100 million of them experience some type of unfriendly well-being impact; going from minor rashes and high glucose to the ugly stomach swells that preventive cardiologist William Davis calls “wheat bellies.” According to Dr. Davis, that overabundance of fat has nothing to do with intemperance, sloth, or an excessive amount of margarine: It’s because of the entire range of grain wraps we have for lunch.

In the wake of seeing more than 2,000 patients regain their well-being after they stopped taking wheat, Davis came to the worrying conclusion that the biggest single contributor to the nationwide obesity pandemic was wheat, and its disposal is vital to impressive weight reduction and ideal well-being. In Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis uncovered the hurtful impacts of what is really a result of hereditary tinkering and agribusiness being sold publicly to American’s as “wheat”- – and gives readers an easy to understand, regulated arrangement to explore a wheat-free way of life.

Having insights in science innovation and nourishment, alongside contextual analyses from men and ladies who have encountered extraordinary changes in their well-being, subsequent to bidding farewell to wheat, Wheat Belly is a light to take a gander at what is really making Americans debilitated and an activity plan to clear our plates of this apparently favorite component.

This uncommon book will clarify how the bread in the Old Testament, the bread scattered all through mankind’s history, even the bread your grandmother made for the family; cannot be referred to what we are eating today as “bread.” Not just is the wheat a removed hereditary relative; however mechanical food procedures have placed it in EVERYTHING else we eat.

With history and self-experimentation and case histories and loads of very much clarified science, Dr. Davis puts out his experience, and his dispute: that each and every human will encounter well-being changes for the better by stopping current wheat consumption. In a captivating part, he even clarifies why we find it so hard to “live without bread.” It has regular morphine-like qualities that make us act like any debilitated and despondent addict!

Dr. Davis made an awesome showing of ensnaring current hybridized wheat items and government pushing of grain-based eating in the blast of weight administration issues for individuals in late history. The account of how wheat was changed into today’s high return assortment and the nourishing results of what was instructive and especially welcoming for me in light of the fact that I like to know the reason a product is been recommended to me.

It has now been 3 years since I have gone wheat free. Do I still I miss wheat? Yes, however it is insufficient for me to begin eating it once more. On the off chance that I retreated to wheat, I would lose these advantages:

– My weight dropped from 270 to 215 (I’m 6-foot-0). I lost a large portion of that weight during the initial six months. In revelation, I must say I got stuck at 230 for a while and went to a Ketogenic eating regimen (read way of life) then the weight reduction kicked-off again with high speed.

– My Cholesterol dropped from 132 (I was on a few medicines to control this at the time) to 131. Be that as it may, here is the kicker my HDL went up from an unsafe 27 to an unimaginable 40! My LDL ascended from 58 to 77 and my VLDL Cholesterol went from 47 to a wonderful 14. My Total Chol/HDL Ratio went from 4.9 to an extraordinary 3.3!

– My triglycerides dropped from 233 to 71!

– My interminable sinus issues nearly went away as well. Before I stopped taking wheat, each time I place my head on the pillow, my nose ceased breathing. I couldn’t inhale through my nose by any stretch of the imagination. That is not good for resting. Likewise, I used to get normal sinus contamination’s – generally two or three times each year. And no more, my sinus issues cleared up very quickly subsequent to going wheat free.

Dr. Davis’ arrangement was a simple path for me to constrain carbs without numbering carbs. By then including a low carb ketogenic way of life to blend with weight reduction turned out to be so much less demanding.

When I come across individuals who are overweight, have heart issues, diabetes, or any other various issues that could undoubtedly be tended to by going wheat-free and taking a couple of supplements, I feel so awful for them. Be that as it may, maybe as they see more of us having long haul achievement, they will at least read this book…and accept.

All thanks to Dr. Davis for I am a much healthier individual, I give him the credit with getting me heading on the right path.

About the Author

WILLIAM DAVIS, MD, is a preventive cardiologist whose one of a kind approach to wheat-free eating regimen permits him to support inversion, not only aversion, of coronary illness. He is the medicinal chief for Track Your Plaque, an online coronary illness prevention program, and composes most times for national productions and well-being sites. He lives with his wife and three kids in Fox Point, Wisconsin, where there are no bagels or biscuits in his cupboards.

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Alex JP

Dr. Davis shared information is worth reading. My personal doctor also suggested me to stop eating wheat because it’s bad for the waistline and increases body fat as well.


I love reading useful articles all over your forum but what I enjoy more is reading a good book about the things that I want to know.. Your posts recommending certain books, dear Ray, are always good choices!!

Peter Graves

Dr. William Davis seems to know what he is talking about so I will take his advice. At this point I am desperate to rid myself of what looks like a disgusting beer belly. I drink maybe a six pack of beer a month, probably less, but I look like one of those fat, elderly men who spends his retirement propping up the bar of a local tavern.


Cutting wheat out of my diet is what has helped me lose weight the most. I honestly believe that this and clean eating really help you get healthier and feel more energized. I don’t give into hypes easily but sometimes there’s a great truth in them!

Mike Y.

Until I cut carbs out of my diet I never notice who dependent the American diet is on wheat. This is especially so if you eat out often. Virtually every entre comes with at least one item that contains wheat. It is no wonder the stereo typical American is portrayed as an obese, scooter bound blob around the world.

Martin F.

This was a very comprehensive article. I am in the process of cutting wheat from my diet as completely as possible. I eat out a lot so I am somewhat at the mercy of the menu, but I am trying. I don’t drink beer or much alcohol at all so my protruding belly is the result of too much starch and wheat in my diet for sure.

Steve Pierce

We used to eat wheat everything. When we were on Weight Watchers, the system made me believe that the wheat in products was better for you. I am a little upset right now seeing that might not be the case.


I drink very little and hardly any beer at all but have an embarrassing beer belly. I also eat moderately, so I could not figure out what was going on. I chalked it up to age. I do eat a lot of wheat laced foods though. I did not think it was an excessive amount but I suppose it is. Gonna get off the carbs and see if I slim down.


I enjoyed this article. I knew wheat was bad for the waistline, but of course having it reiterated never hurts. Thank you for taking the time to create such a great resource for we older fellows.

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