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Younger Next Year, Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy-Until You’re 80 and Beyond by “Harry ” Henry S. Lodge, M.D., an expert in inner prescription and preventive medicinal services and Chris Crowley, Harry’s 70-year-old patient who’s presently stronger than when he was 40. Together, in substituting parts that are enthusiastic, sometimes frank, and dependably absolutely persuading, they illuminate Harry’s Principles and the science behind them. These seven principles are misleadingly basic:

  1. Exercise six days a week
  2. Do real oxygen consuming activity four days a week
  3. Do real training of strength with weights, two days a week
  4. Spend short of what you make
  5. Stop eating crap
  6. Care
  7. Associate and commit

The science, streamlined and demystified, spans from the atomic science of development and rot to how our minds and bodies developed and reasons they fare so ineffectively in our inactive, all-devour no-starvation society). The outcome is not as much as an outlook changes in our perspective of maturing.

Trusting they have a new methodology for enhancing men’s lives, Crowley and Lodge, worked together to compose this “transformative” health project. The authors construct their arrangement with respect to the thought that rather than anticipating many years of pain as the body gradually weakens, it’s conceivable to live as though you were 50, possibly more youthful, for the rest of your life. Yet except for “Harry’s First Principle”— exercise no less than six days a week—there isn’t much that is new or weighty in their plan. Most proposals fall under the “sound judgment” umbrella, however these recommendations may be brand new information to numerous men, who aren’t as saturated with the world of well-being and wellness as most ladies seem to be (they may find the sections dealing nutrition and science especially instructive).

Turn your biological clock back. As much amusing to read as it is enticing – More youthful One Year from now draws on the exceptionally most recent exploration of maturing to demonstrate how men of 50 years or more can turn out to be practically more youthful consistently for the next five to ten years, and keep on living like fifty-year-olds until very much into their eighties. To appreciate life and be more grounded, more sound, and more ready. To fight off 70% of the typical rot connected with maturing such as, weakness, sore joints, and detachment and to dispense more than half of all disease and potential wounds. This is the genuine stuff, a program that is intended to work for any individual who chooses to put forth a concentrated effort to “Harry’s Principles.”

Dr. Lodge concentrates on advancements in cell and developmental science. Crowley, his guinea pig, is a firm devotee to Dr. Lodge’s science and great at persuading the reader that, in case you’re a fifty-year-old man, you’d be a bonehead not to begin taking after the principles as quickly as time permits.

Welcome to the next third of your life- – train for it, and you’ll have a great time.

Chris Crowley handles the book from a more matured man’s point of view that is utilizing the apparatuses to look and feel more youthful and to be in good health. Dr. Lodge examines reasons we do certain things that will drastically enhance our well-being and generally back off the maturing process and make our latter years more advantageous and more pleasant. There were a few zones of discussion and examination that I discovered exceptionally helpful:

Exercise Now – I am able to always rationalize about not practicing but rather they make an incredible point. Look at exercise activity as an occupation that you need to do 6 days a week. Not 3 days a week and not even 5 days a week. You need to do this no less than 6 days consistently. It’s not generally simple but rather it is an incredible advice.

Stop the maturing procedure – Your body needs to stay as youthful as it can and it has been as of late with fast food, TV, autos, and so forth that individuals don’t do things and don’t go out and get practice or stroll around or simply staying dynamic. The human body has needed to get on with it for thousands of eons… it is just the previous 100 years where our body is not needing to work and our bodies loathe that. They need to be dynamic… they need to get worked out yet we frequently repress that need by being languid.

How it influences me today – It has made me working progressively in the direction of enhancing my general well-being. I am working out more and I see better and understand more of what was taught in the book. I envision what I needed to look like in 10, 20 and 30 years and what I have to do to achieve that.

Tone of the book – It at first disturbed me by the way they switch forward and backward between parts, however I ended up anticipating each new perspective (medical and basic man) toward the beginning of every section. It is compelling. You get the science (Dr. Harry Lodge) and you get the basic individual (Chris Crowley) discussing what he is doing to enhance his well-being and his life. Crowley shows excitement in what he is doing to enhance his life and Dr. Lodge has the capacity to convey the sciences down to a level that I could get it. I delighted in the book and I consider this to be a book that can be of advantage to those that are 50 years and above, however can likewise be exceptionally advantageous for those well under 50.

All things considered, I observed this to be an exceptionally instructive and interesting book and I’d prescribe it to any individual who is searching for a book on maturing. The sensible key here is not to go into things supposing you’re going to STOP the maturing procedure, rather consider Backing Off the maturing procedure.

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After retiring in 1994, I kept myself busy traveling as an online web programmer. Maybe you heard of me, Have Web Sites Will Travel? I then retired for a second time in 2010. Recently to keep busy I started a 3rd career, a career dedicated to me. My full time dedication is to my health and fitness. My job is to research everything to do with health and fitness (Yes, sexual health) and everything else related. I workout 6 times a week, closely monitor my diet and nutrition. I have started an online blog dedicated to the health and fitness of men over 60. So you can see I keep myself very busy, a very necessary component of the life extension goal.

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Joe K

Dr. Lodge died last year at age 58. so much for the book’s advice.

Alex JP

I would like to say this post information is very important for everyone. To enjoy the life at fullest during age of 80 and beyond here provided info’s are highly effective. Thanks for a very interesting share.

Kim Dunn

This was a wonderful post. I come from a genetic line that has some sort of longevity gene. Trouble is, the last decade or so of my parents and grand parents was not what anyone would call quality living. Bed ridden and suffering for a decade is not the future I want for myself so I absorb everything I come across that discusses living a long and healthy life. This is one of the better, more informative post I have read. Kudos to you!


I think exercising six times a week may be a little too much for people our age. I have been doing isometric exercises three times a week and it has been helping me a lot.


I like where the book is going and what it teaches, but I am not sure that I can get into exercising 6 days per week. My knees are shot and that might be too much right now.

Clay J.

Not sure if I will ever be “sexy” again. Not sure I ever really was. But living longer and staying healthy will be enough for me. Thanks for the tip on a good book.

Dennis Sobkowich

This looks like it will be a valuable resource. Heading over to Amazon to get my copy.


I believe in “stop eating crap”! I do however believe in treating yourself with crap from time to time. For instance lets take McDonalds.. bad place to stay healthy but few times a year will not kill you if you keep yourself in shape.

Overall great book, the only thing I didn’t like was that it got a bit repetition to the end.

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