What is Electrical Muscular stimulation

As mentioned earlier, electrical muscular stimulation (EMS) causes pain relief by blocking the pain transmissions. To understand this concept, just imagine that your brain gets the signal from your lower back nerve receptors that there is a problem in your back. Just when your brain is hearing this complaint, the electrical stimulations applied close to those pain receptors start to produce high noises and thus, your brain is unable to hear the problem of your low back pain receptors. As it hears nothing, hence you perceive no pain.

Gastrointestinal System Part 3 – Back Pain and Antibiotics

Studies suggest that approximately 80% of all adults will experience back pain at some point in their life. And, even if we can trace the origin of our pain to injury or strain, it seems that bacterial infection, and the subsequent necessity of antibiotic treatment, cannot be overlooked. Everyone has heard the expression “slipped disc”.

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