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Popular Seniors Men's Blog Ever

Aging is a normal physiological process of our body. With aging, one’s hair gets gray, skin gets saggy, height drops and memory declines but on the other hand, wisdom is gained from all life experiences, grace comes in whatever is done and most of all, one gets all the respect that they actually deserve. It can be very difficult at times to deal with the challenges that come our way as a person ages, especially the health issues. Mostly, there is a more inclined focus towards elder female’s health.

BUT no worries as we got you covered. We did the research so that you do not have to work on that and we carefully chose the best blogs that are very actively working to educate, empower and inspire older men towards not only their physical health as well as their mental health. So here are ten of the most popular yet the best blogs that primarily focus on elder men’s health issues.

1. Urological Health by Very well:

Men suffer with many urological issues such as Benign Prostrate Hyperplasia (BPH), incontinence or kidney stones etc. So, The Urological Section of Verywell Health is a very comprehensive health and wellness portal that includes all the detailed symptoms and risk factors of specific men’s health conditions; from kidney issues to bladder health, to penis and prostrate problems. Also, it helps the audience browse the topics that relate to them or catches their interest.

2. Men Alive:

Dr. Jed Diamond, a PhD in International Health, created MenAlive with the aim to work on the mental health of the men as it is one of the most neglected topic nowadays. It breaks the taboos and stereotypes claiming that men can not break down emotionally. So basically, it helps men and also the women who love them to fight all the challenges that they may face in their relationships with age.

3. Harvard Health Men’s Health:

Well, Harvard Medical School is known as one the best medical schools in the whole world. On their website, they have started a men’s health blog that primarily focuses on the health problems that men face with aging. From general questions to very specific topics, Harvard once again proved its level of concern for the deteriorating aging issues

4. Men’s Health:

A worldwide famous blog appearing in around 61 countries, Men’s Health is the largest magazine brand that focuses on men. It covers everything related to men from their health to fashion to diet to grooming. Health articles like the risks that an aged first time father may face or how to avoid cancer as you age are their most shared blogs.

5. Mark’s Daily Apple:

Mark’s Daily Apple was founded back in 2006, by Mark Sisson. The main goal was to help in the empowerment of men and talking about the critical health related issues faced by men as they age. Regardless of one’s fitness philosophy and diet programs, Mark claims that there is something for everyone on his blog.

Popular Seniors Men's Blog Ever
Most Popular Seniors Men’s Blog

6. Dai Manuel:

A lifestyle mentor and a coach for nutrition and fitness empowerment, Dai Manuel. He started his own blog giving the concept of “FUN’ctionally fit life”. He is very passionate and committed to offer all kinds of inspiration, equipment, and training to the young and old. Helping old men to work more actively and stay fit. His new blogs include the best way to get rid of stress and body fat, why coconut oil is the best thing since sliced bread, health related truths that we hate to admit are true, and steps to maintaining energy levels when working out.

7. The Turek Clinics:

Dr. Paul Turek, an internationally recognized and famous doctor, is the main founder of The Turek Clinics. He deals with the men’s sexual and reproductive healthcare and research. The Turek Clinics provide front-line care and knowledge that helps older men with fertility problems. Dr. Turek has pioneered or popularized techniques such as sperm mapping, sperm retrieval, vasectomy, and vasectomy reversal. Dr. Turek’s blog covers various topics such as “menopause” and the male biological clock and how taking care of yourself is the best investment in your own life and your family’s lives could save your life.

8. Talking About Men’s Health:

In 2007,  was founded with a purpose to provide a platform to the older men where their health related issues could be discussed. Its primary goal is to spread health awareness. Talking About Men’s Health, messages and tools, educational material, screening programs, and patient navigation. The blog has a knowledgeable panel of well-known healthcare professionals and experts that deliver all sort of educational materials on the health related common issues. Best thing being that they focus not only on physical health but also on mental health. Their recent posts include heart health tips and how to recognize a heart emergency, preventive tests you need throughout life, and how men can balance their hormones with exercise and diet.

9. The Good Men Project:

In the world filled with the slogans of feminism, The Good Men Project emphasizes on the masculinity. Their slogan is “the conversation no one else is having.” They have proved themselves so far as they have more than three million visitors in every month. What makes it a success is their inclusivity as they focus on men of all ages who are seeking answers to some version of the very same. They have whole sections that are dedicated to the health and wellness, where they discuss about various issues.

10. Men’s Health Research– The University of British Columbia:

This blog is based on the research work done by the faculty and students of the University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing. They develop, research, and evaluate projects that have main focus on the men’s mental and physical health. They work to improve the health of men. They post three (3) posts in every month that attract wide range of audience from all over the world.

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