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Elderly Couple Holding Hands and Showing Love
Elderly Couple Holding Hands and Showing Love

Remember the day you both met? Those tiny butterflies that sprung in your tummy and you managed to hide them and say Hey! Good to see you here. You’re never too old to cherish those love moments and get affectionate once again. After all, there’s no sign board in the world saying, Say No to Love & Affection after 60’s!

Knowing that human beings require affection at every stage of life, it’s equally essential to continue loving your spouse. From birth till death, every human craves for love and affection either from their family or friends as well. Just like we have food and sleep every day, affection is considered the same and I believe there’s no person on this planet who is immune.

Either you’re a fancy teenager or an old grandpa, affection sounds more than just a luxurious thing. Make a step ahead and express your love by holding hands, cuddling, kissing or even uttering three magical words “I LOVE YOU” can be the game changer in your love life after the 60’s.

Level up your love-life; enjoy your 60’s by sharing & expressing love and affection every moment that you get.

Feel the Good Hormones:

Indulge into some physical affection and romance as it releases hormones like oxytocin, resulting in reducing pain & stress by inducing a calming thrill within you. Welcome the amazing vibes and hold your partner closely and imagine love is in the air.

Bring Blood Pressure Down:

Give your better half some much needed hugs and be the reason to lower blood pressure of your partner after her 60’s. Speak your heart out and burst into the pleasure of pure love and affection.

Stress Reduction:
Physical affection among couples after 60’s kicks away the stress. Stress and frustration can cause real fuss in life and most of us witness this bitter truth while performing our routine chores. Kick it off and say that you’re there to stand beside and support with a 5 minute warm and comforting hug.

Level up your Satisfaction:                       

Turn happier than you were before, express your love and say it all. Age shouldn’t affect love and understanding between you two. Behave like love birds and memorize the time you people started off with it.

Bye Bye Mood Swings:

Say Goodbye to unwanted mood swings. Turn on the happy mode by showing love and affection; as a result you’ll be happy to witness a great positive mood that will hold both of you closer.

Apart from the benefits mentioned, there is a huge bunch of people that don’t get adequate affection from their family and spouse. If they don’t get enough of it, this deprivation causes a variety of health hazards comprising of sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, pain or weak immunity.

Considering the vulnerability, every reason makes absolute sense to indulge in an affectionate affair once again. Revive those love moments that both of you share since the time you met!

Be it your spouse or your children, mother or father, cousins or siblings, grandparents or friends, relive and connect closely to bring up the deep bonds of immense love and affection for a happy and healthy life.



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This was a hard one to read, since I lost my wife a few years back. Currently single, trying to get back “in the game” as the kids say, and trying to be more open to hugs from family and even my male friends. Would you say small measures like that would still be beneficial?

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