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Active5 Isometric Measuring Device
Active5 Isometric Measuring Device

So many of us love to bemoan the fact that our friends, colleagues, family, and even ourselves, are enraptured with all things tech. Our iPhones and Android devices have become our gateway to the world. We can interact with friends, view movies or TV, pay bills, and order merchandise and food without really moving a muscle. Surely this can’t be good for us, right? So, you may be gratified to learn that a device exists which can turn our techno fascination into a fitness regimen. Sounds too good to be true, huh? But, I assure you, such a device exists.

The Activ5 Portable Strength Training Device is a small wonder. The device uses isometric exercises to build muscle strength. The word isometric comes from two Greek root words: “isos”, meaning equal. And “metria”, which means measuring. The length of the muscle, or the involved joints, do not change during isometric exercise. Isometric exercises involve the static contraction of the muscle, with no movement or change in the muscle or joint. Contractions are provided by either pushing against an immovable object or resisting an irresistible force. This type of exercise dates back thousands of years to certain martial arts practices and yoga stances, but first came into modern use during the era of physical culture, which was the precursor of modern bodybuilding.

When the manufacturer of this device says that it is portable, they aren’t kidding. I know you’re probably imagining a sack slung over your shoulder, or a briefcase sized bag of some sort. But this is far from the reality. The Activ5 Device is a really small apparatus, measuring 3.7” by 3.1” by 1.3”, small enough to be shoved into a pocket or carried in a purse. You can’t get much more portable than that, can you? It comes fully charged and ready to go right out of the box. This is because it is powered simply by three AAA batteries, which are included. These batteries should last from six months to a year, depending on usage, of course. And all you need to use it to its full advantage is your cell phone or android device, which you are probably carrying with you always anyway. Of course, you can surely use the device alone, without connecting it to the app, but this will not keep track of your progress.

The Active5 is handheld and can be used virtually anywhere. Sitting in an Uber on the way to a meeting? Exercise!  Friends late for that movie? Exercise! Sitting at home killing time before your favorite show comes on television? Exercise! Your colleagues at the office off on a smoke break? You can stay fit while sitting at your desk.  Take it with you on your business trip to use in your hotel room, or even in your airline seat. Anything is possible. The device is Bluetooth enabled (for up to two meters, about seven feet), so it requires no physical connection to your phone.  Even if your phone is not available, you can always use the device on its own. But this will eliminate all the fun. The app which drives the unit is available for free in the Android or iTunes App store, and it is rather sophisticated.

The Activ5 will take a reading of your strength level and calibrate exercise routines tailor made for you. Just three five-minute customized routines a day can increase your muscle strength by thirty percent over a six-week period. The device will track your progress as you improve, and coach you as well. You can track your improvement daily, or over longer periods. Want to show off the device to your friends? You can allow friends to try it out without affecting the record of our progress by simply operating it in guest mode.  If you still find yourself bored with exercising, and think back fondly on your video game victories, never fear – the Activ5 offers various gaming apps to replicate that video gaming experience while building muscle strength and endurance. You’ll never believe being a couch potato could be so beneficial to your health and well-being. The small device, and its accompanying app, offers dozens of exercises and over one hundred exercise routines customized just for you. You can target a particular area or go for a full body workout. The device will coach you through each routine, if required. And this is one coach who won’t be like that obnoxious high school gym teacher, either.

The Activ5 Portable Strength Training Device can be used by virtually everybody because it first measures your strength level and customizes a workout regimen to you needs. It’s ideal for use by seniors who may have a limited range of movement. The same is true for individuals with disabilities, even those confined to a wheelchair. You should be cautious, however, and, as with any exercise regimen, consult your physician before embarking on a new program.

Man using the Active5 Isometric Measuring Device
Man using the Active5 Isometric Measuring Device

The device is widely available online. You can find it on Amazon, of course, and at the official site. Reviews are almost all positive. People seem to be really impressed with the portability of the device and its convenience. The games available are especially appreciated, with parents pointing out how enjoyable it makes working out with their children. Words to describe it vary from “simple”, “easy, and “fun” to “effective” and “innovative”.  Almost everybody agrees that you’d be hard pressed to find a more effective exercise device wrapped up in such a small fun-sized package. And the price is well within the realm of affordability, especially when compared to those large, space-consuming devices often sold on late night infomercials or those expensive if entertaining video games we all know and possibly love. But if you can combine an element of gaming with a fitness regimen, we figure it is a win/win situation.

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