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Aromatherapy Diffuser Alternative treatment.
Aromatherapy Diffuser Alternative treatment.

Good fragrances play a vital role in having sufficient and better sleep. After you reach the age of 60, sleep can become affected due to a variety of reasons such as stresses of health, finances or family matters. In such cases, the aromas of your bedroom should be pleasant. The concept of aroma therapy is gaining a lot of appreciation and attention because of the positive effects of fragrances on sleep.

Following are a few ways through which you can incorporate your room with sweet aroma so you experience a better nights sleep.

Natural Room Scents: This technique of adding natural aromas to your bedroom is best for those who have a herb garden. Bring those herbs you grow to good use and breathe in those alluring scents. You can use a combination of rosemary, lemons with a few drops of vanilla, simmer it for a while and fill it up in a bottle. It will surely help you sleep better.

Beeswax candle: this type of candle is easy to make yourself and gives off a honey-ish aroma which purifies the air around you and has a positive effect on your sleep. The beeswax pastilles are a good way to bake in glass jars and the scent stays longer.

Lilac room spray: Lilac blooms for only a short time but this doesn’t mean you can’t keep their fragrances around you for a little while longer. These finest smelling flowers can be turned into a room spray with vodka and lilac fragrance oil infusion.

Reed Diffuser: A reed diffuser can be used instead of burning scented candles in your room when you are asleep. It gives your room a sweet fragrance for the entire night and is easy to make yourself. You can mix up a lot of essential oils and create the most perfect aroma for your room yourself. You can combine vanilla oil with chamomile or oceanic spirits with citrus scents.

Coffee scent candles: If you are an ardent coffee lover but you don’t drink it very often now due to older age, you can use its aroma to create a great aromatic atmosphere for you to sleep in. All you have to do is use a mixture of ground coffee beans and make natural soy wax candles for your room. Very easy to make them on your own, isn’t it?

Citrus room sprays: Make good use of empty perfume bottles and use them to make citrus room sprays. Citrus has a strong alluring scent that creates beautiful vibes around you. Try getting a better sleep next time under the influence of this aroma. You can choose your favorite citrus, mix it in a generous amount of vodka and voila!

Incense holders: if you love the aroma of incense, then you better try making some holders for creating an incense fragrance in your room. They are easy to use and very effective but not very helpful in catching ashes.

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I love essential oils for relaxing! What are your thoughts on using a humidifier as a “giant” diffuser?

Ray Plumlee

I thought these essential oil diffusers might be good for you. But I’m not so sure now. With all the controversy now on vaping I’m not so sure. The essential oil diffusers use the same method to disperse these fragrances. They use oil. What kind of oil? And does this oil getting into our lungs cause us problems? I don’t know. I will be following this controversy and will keep this under scrutiny for now. I will keep you all posted on what I find here at Men Over 60 Health Info.


Victoria Florence

Aroma and fragrances leave an awesome impression on our mind. This is all natural and this is how our mind reacts to such things. A room that has fresh air and flower scents help elderly people sleep comfortably. Before applying a scent in your bedroom, make sure that it doesn’t trigger allergies.

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