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Scented Candle Lavender Chamomile
Scented Candle Lavender Chamomile

Sleeping after 60 may become a little interrupted due to aging, poor sleeping patterns and other health issues. But there are many different tips and techniques to drift into a sound sleep after reaching 60.

The sense of smell us humans are gifted with is a miracle of sorts by the divine power. The alluring scents surrounding us often get ignored which may otherwise be extremely helpful in many ways. The smells that we breathe in actually influence our moods and emotions and thus, you can use them to drift into an easy peaceful sleep after the age of 60.

Following are three magical ways in which scents can be beneficial for you to sleep better in older age:

Improves quality of sleep:

Of all the various sweet aromas, lavender has the ability to increase the quality of your sleep and to make it effectively better. This has been researched thoroughly and extensively and it has been deduced that besides having a fabulous smell, lavender helps in drifting off into a deep sleep. Besides the aroma, lavender oil is beneficial as well as it helps in combating the effects of anxiety, depression or insomnia among people who are aged 60 and above.

You can add lavender in different ways in your bedroom. People prefer using essential oils or simply an old fashioned dried lavender leaf scent is perfect as well.

Give you a relaxed feeling:

Lavender has wonderful properties that attribute to enjoying a better sleep when you reach 60 and above. It is gifted with special scents that can help you relax with ease. Beautiful smells trigger the feelings of relaxation inside us and calm our inner selves. These scents are also very effective when you use them during meditations and yoga.

It is not necessary that you should limit yourself to lavender only. There are a variety of other scents like Vanilla, Sandalwood, Jasmine or Chamomile that can work wonders when it comes to a comfortable sleep in older ages.

Beneficial for health:

Apart from turning your room’s atmosphere like that of a garden, these scents also freshen up the air, thus getting rid of the allergies and germs in the air around you. Breathing in a cleaner air reduces the chances of falling sick and enjoying a better sleep.

You can purchase superb chemical absorbing plants for this purpose, like golden pothos, spider plant, aloe vera and peace lily. Or you can simply buy an air filter. But either way, the air around you should be devoid of toxins, bad smells, unhealthy air and anything that might cause interruptions in drifting off into a splendid sleep.

The above mentioned relaxing scents will help you immensely in getting a better sleep which will thus affect your health positively, making you feel refreshed and active in the morning. Get creative with the ideas of incorporating these aromas in your surroundings and enjoy a fantastic sleep after reaching your 60’s.

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Trent Gebhard

There are so many essential oil and organic scents companies popping up with lots of claims, but I prefer to prepare scents myself at home. I do so because you can customize elements of scent according to your personal needs. Have a comfortable sleep with these scents.

Alvin McDonnell

I love lavender! I always have some oil around just in case I miss the scent. Thank you for the tips!

Tiffany Thrasher

I can easily say this works. Sense I have been washing my bed linens in a few drops of lavender oil, my sleep as improved!


I have been using lavender oil for many years in the bedroom. Candles are OK, but when you use a lavender oil on your pillow, the benefits are even better!


I am over 50 years old and I am already having problems when sleeping.These tips will surely help me a lot! Thank you Joseph!

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