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Wrinkled Hands Show the World Your Aging
Wrinkled Hands Show the World Your Aging

Did you know that from 30 years old you begin to experience several gradual changes in your bodies physiology? This article is going to answer the question if the growth hormone still functions in the body for men over 60. Before we begin to answer this question, let us refresh or remind ourselves of the definitions, structures and functions of some terms after which we will examine the types and effects of growth hormone.

A Hormone is any substance produced by the tissue and transferred by the bloodstream to another part of the body to effect physiological activity. The control of hormones is necessary for the growth and replication of most cells in the body. Growth hormone (GH) which is produced by the anterior portion of the pituitary gland, accelerates the rate of protein synthesis, especially in skeletal muscles and bones.

Growth hormone pulse amplitude declines with age due to alterations in the normal dynamic interactions of two hypothalamic hormones, somatostatin and growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH ). Generally, both adult-onset growth hormone deficiency and aging are noticeable simply because there is a decrease in lean body mass, rise in adiposity, reduction in bone thickness, reduced skin thickness, reduced immune functionality, decrease in learning and memory, and also damaged myocardial function. Growth hormone substitute reverses most of these alterations; nevertheless, the outcomes of growth hormone and the anabolic mediator, insulin-like growth factor-1 ( IGF-1 ), on the heart are complicated and contingent upon both age and disease . Growth hormone is regulated by two bodily hormones manufactured by the hypothalamus, GH discharge which is actually induced by growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH ) which is inhibited by the growth hormone – inhibiting hormone ( GHIH ), also known as somatostatin .

Enough of the recap, let’s examine the effects of growth hormone in our body especially for men over 60 years. Structural changes that occur as a result of aging includes shrinking of the lean body mass and also the mass of the adipose tissue (body fat) gets bigger, the contraction in the lean body mass indicates atrophic procedures (having atrophied) in skeletal muscle, liver, kidney, spleen, skin, and also bone . All these physiological changes have been considered as unavoidable due to the fact that we grow old day by day. It has lately been recommended, however, that reduced existence of growth hormone in late adulthood might promote these kind of changes.

Just about the age of 30, the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland is likely to decrease. Considering the fact that growth hormone is released in pulses, often in the morning hours of sleep, it is rather difficult to determine the 24-hour secretion of the substance perfectly.

Growth hormone secretion can be assessed other ways, nevertheless, by assessing the plasma level of insulin-like growth factor I ( IGF-I, also known as somatomedin C ), which is released and by the liver and perhaps other tissues due to growth hormone.

Likewise, the nocturnal pulses of growth hormone secretion become smaller or disappear with advanced age. If the plasma concentration of IGF-I falls below 350 U per liter in older adults, no spontaneous circulating pulses of growth hormone can be detected by currently available radioimmunoassay methods. These alterations in body composition caused by growth hormone deficiency can be reversed by replacement doses of the hormone, as experiments in rodents, children, and adults 20 to 50 years old have shown.

In conclusion, it is clear that GH continues to have a role in metabolism and bone physiology throughout the human life span and that specific patient groups may benefit from treatment with GH.

I am close to completing an eBook on the Human Growth Hormone which will be a free download for members here at Over 60 Health Info.

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