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Senior Athletes
Senior Athletes

It is without a doubt that as you age, your body tends to change and everything from your abilities to appearance is affected. Our maximum heart rate gradually declines as we age, meaning neither your heart nor your lungs can pump the volume of oxygen and blood needed to be transported to your muscles during an intensive physical activity session. This implies a great deal of restriction over the otherwise natural range of both motion and flexibility. Unless you have been very lucky, you are bound to have some more age-related problems, complications with joints and/or nerves, bones, and diseases like arthritis and or neuropathy, might affect directly your ability to be able to move freely. Here are a few effective tips that can help you safely carry out a few cardio routines and boast a better health.

Tips for Cardio:

Do not be discouraged and accepting the inevitable decline, should only come with the understanding that while you cannot completely avoid it, you can ease down the effects.

Stick to your exercise plans, they will do you better than your favorite easy chair. Most of physical decline according to many researchers comes from an increased inactivity opposed to aging itself. When it comes to cardio exercises, it is important to know that, your life is at stake and your level of commitment and care is what will decide the health of your heart.

Aerobic or better known as the cardio exercise, is the most effective exercise for seniors and must be made a part of your everyday routine, not only it is easy but can also be done with ease in your own home.

Start with light exercises; go step by step if you want to derive more benefit out of the session.

Before you begin, you must know the warning signs and your safety limits, crossing or over looking these can lead into more complications, you must watch out for them closely.

Look out for the safety limits and warning signs:

If you are just starting with cardio after a prolonged period of inactivity, easy does it. Do not rush into it and if you have any medical condition, consult your healthcare provider before engaging in a regular cardio exercise.

If you consume any medication for a heart disease or for blood pressure, you need to make sure you know what impact these tend to have during your exercise. You may need to constantly adjust your target heart rate and may need to avoid any specific activities overall.

You must be very careful if you happen to have any chronic conditions, these are inclusive of diabetes or hypoglycemia. Before you begin, you must ask your doctor for identifying any symptoms and or signs, which would indicate that you immediately STOP your exercise session. These are inclusive of chest pain, irregular heartbeat, faintness, dizziness and joint pain.

There might as well be special instructions to aid you with better timing your exercise sessions and in taking your prescribed medications, follow them closely once you have them.

Stay hydrated and drink a lot of fluids!

Exercise well and stay healthier.

15 Minute Senior Workout – HASfit’s Low Impact Workout – Senior Exercises – Exercise for Elderly

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As I get stiffer and less flexible, there is definitely less motivation to move around! But I know that’s what my body needs. I appreciate how this article has encouragement AND warning signs against over-exertion.

James de Beresford

Here is my secret to a good cardio workout. I live in Wales! My daily walk involves walking up a steep hill at least twice, sometimes four times a day. Sometimes I set myself the challenge of running up stairs rather than simply climbing them. I love the fact that I don’t have to put aside one minute of time to do this, it is simply unavoidable. If I didn’t live near hills I’d probably have to buy a dog or take up golf.

James Vilas

Remarkable article!! The part of article with caption “Tips for Cardio” is very interesting. I believe, people suffering from heart related complications should be very cautious and know their limits. Never ever overdo an exercise. Whenever you get a feeling that you won’t continue an activity, stop it at once, relax your body and restart when your heart beat gets in rhythm.

Wayne Watkins

Joseph, you have a very practical approach for cardio exercises. Your article has almost all critical information we should know. We all are very well aware of our limits. People over 60 should be very careful while doing cardio exercises.


The article is great, the ideas and tips are amazing, the video is so useful and the message on the shirt is funny. Awesome blog and writers!!


These cardio exercising tips are looks great. And I think not only seniors but also juniors can also try these cardio exercises.

Brandon Johnson

I would think that any low impact exercise would benefit the older folks out there that want to be physically fit and care for their body. I mean, if a retired person does not have 15 minutes for a workout, who does?

Jon Wren

Sound advice that came a tad late for me. I dieted, lost weight and had been walking for miles each day. I got cocky and attempted a mountain hike with someone 22 years my junior. Needless to say it did not go well. I now know that I can do a lot others my age can not, but I am no longer a young man and have limits. Thanks for the great information anyway. It did refortify my decision to stick to more moderate exercising. I guess you could say I am resigned to “acting my age” finally.


“Sweat is fat crying”.. I find this message hilarious!! I have already watched the video and exercised today and hopefully I will be able to continue tomorrow and so on.

Justin Reynolds

That is a great shirt. I would like to buy one of those for my dad who is trying to lose 50 pounds this year.

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