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eggs-925616_640Diet magazines rave about healthy diets. They encourage you pay money for a diet that may–or may not—yield promising or favorable results. Yet, what if we could just eat healthy and lose weight? What if there were foods that had a thermogenic effect on our body? This means they burn fat just by us eating them. Sounds too good to be true, eh? Well, it is true and here’s five foods you should try. Don’t worry—all of them have flavor and are really tasty.

Eggs are among the best fat-burning foods. This food is a powerhouse of protein. It promotes healthy weight loss by curbing a person’s appetite. Eggs, also, help to build lean muscle. They’re a great food to eat when you’re participating in a workout plan. This superfood is going to pack you with energy and make you self-motived to keep striving towards your weight loss goals.

Another healthy food is cucumbers. People often forget how water-packed this vegetable really is. Since there is so much water, however, it’s going to curb your appetite. This helps promote your weight loss. This vegetable is also easy on the digestive system. It’s proactive in preventing ulcers, stomach acid and bladder stones. Eating cucumbers also helps to regulate blood sugar. Some may suggest that cucumbers are a laxative; it helps keep your bowel movements regular, preventing constipation or diarrhea.

Don’t forget about lean meats when you’re eating fat-burning foods. You burn off more calories than you eat when these foods are included within your diet. Foods such as chicken breasts, pork chops, lean turkey burgers and salmon all fit into this category. In fact, turkey is a perfect source of Vitamin B12 and B6. It also boosts the immune system, helps to create energy and lowers cholesterol.

Another fat-burning food is garlic. This powerhouse superfood is packed full of antioxidants. It helps aid a person when they have poor digestion. In addition, this flavorful food helps prevent allergies and diabetes. It helps regulate blood sugar and blood cholesterol. Furthermore, garlic helps to prevent yeast infections, colon cancer and chronic bronchitis. There’s so many delicious ways to enjoy this food—soups, breads and pasta—to only name a few.

Finally, don’t forget about Greek yogurt. Yogurt is a food that’s gentle on your digestive system, while it also helps to prevent Type 2 diabetes in adults. This food is also proactive in promoting healthy weight loss. Eating one yogurt each day can help a person burn fat around the middle of their body. In addition, it reduces bad cholesterol and and helps promote bone health. Eating yogurt may also reduce chronic pain. It makes us want to be more active and do more activities. This is because yogurt gives us energy. It regulates our moods and makes us happier.

Eating these fat-burning foods are going to help you get on the right track to a healthier diet. Incorporate all of them today and you’ll see your weight loss sky rocket!

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I love it that every one of these foods are things I truly enjoy. Do you have any articles that go into more detail about how water reduces fat, aside from making sure our systems are effectively flushed out?

Terrance Cross

Including yogurt and eggs in breakfast gives awesome results and shortest possible time. Avoid routine lunch and replace it with salads, especially cucumbers. I’ve tried it myself and it worked exceptionally well for me.


We eat Greek yogurt on a regular basis. Either it is included in the first meal or the last, “dessert” meal of the day.


I knew that eggs are great for burning fat but I had no idea that garlic and cucumbers are in the same category.. Today I learned something new that will help me for sure. Thanks!


Amazing article as always!! Thank you for sharing this.. Also the videos really helped a lot.. Thank you again for posting such helpful and useful articles.

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