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Bacon and Eggs For a Keto Friendly Diet
Bacon and Eggs are a great Low Carb Breakfast For a Keto Friendly Diet

A good many of us have heard good things about the so-called “keto” diet. Such a diet is known by many names. The Atkins diet, the paleo diet, caveman diet, etc. It has been touted as a weight-loss miracle by some. But many others have called it too restrictive, and not for everybody. So, what’s the deal? Well, there are alternatives, a sort of second generation of diet plans based on individual needs and expectations. One of these plans is almost sure to work for you.

Keto Diet Generation 2: ​SKD – Standard Keto Diet

Many of us are familiar with the standard keto diet (SKD). We may understand the basic principles, knowing that this type of diet is primarily a high fat, moderate protein, and minimal-carbs program. We learn to adjust the menu to place the emphasis on meats, fats, and other proteins while eschewing the consumption of pies, cakes, pastries, and white bread. When we deny our body carbohydrates, we cut off the main source of the energy we need by reducing our blood sugar. After a few days, the body looks around for other energy sources, and finds them in stored fat, breaking down fats then proteins to provide the energy we need. In breaking down this fat, our livers produce ketones, leading to a state of ketosis, which gives the diet its name.  As our bodies burn fat for energy, we, naturally, lose weight. But the benefits of the standard keto diet can go far beyond simple weight loss. It can be beneficial in the treatment of epilepsy, heart disease, certain brain conditions, and liver disorders. Some studies show that this type of diet can even slow the course of certain cancers. And maybe even clear up our acne! But this diet may not be for everyone. People with pancreatic cancer, liver disease, thyroid problems, gallbladder problems, and eating disorders are advised to forego a keto diet plan. And there may be some side effects, although most of these are minor, such as constipation, indigestion, kidney stones, or something often referred to as “keto flu,” which can include headache, weakness, fatigue, and even bad breath. Most of these problems clear up as our body adjusts.

Keto Diet Generation 2: ​TKD – Targeted Keto Diet

But the standard keto diet (SKD) is not the only diet plan in this family which may be helpful. Too many people who have been successful in their weight loss program by following a keto diet, it may seem a bit unnatural to suggest that the consumption of carbs may be a definite advantage at certain times. But the targeted keto diet (TKD) allows us to use carbs to our advantage if we follow certain rules. The TDK diet plan is most appropriate for high-performance athletes and those committed to an extensive exercise program. Using the fact that our body converts carbs into sugars we need to provide energy, the TKD schedules the consumption of 25 to 50 grams, the daily intake of carbs allowed, to be consumed within the thirty to a sixty-minute window before a workout session. This will enable you to maintain, or even improve, your performance by providing enough glycogen to fuel your efforts. By consuming carbs just before your body needs them you can ensure a high-intensity workout. And the fact that they have indeed been used almost immediately will prevent your body from storing them and thus falling out of ketosis for an extended period of time. It’s all about targeting the consumption of carbohydrates at a specific time to fulfill a specific task. 

Keto Diet Generation 2: ​CKD – Cyclical Keto Diet

Yet another one of this second generation of keto diets is the cyclical keto diet (CKD). This type of diet works for experienced and successful followers of the standard keto diet, who may have been satisfied with the weight control aspect of the plan, but have concerns about the condition of their muscles. Or those who simply have concerns about their ability to commit to a full keto lifestyle. As the name implies, the CKD relies on a strictly followed cycle of on and off. That is, five days on the standard keto diet, followed by two days of carb loading. Many people find it convenient to restrict carbs during the week, then load up on the weekend. By loading up on carbs, you replenish your muscles’ supply of glycogen, which can power your muscles to a more energetic and successful workout, and hormones like insulin to help build muscle mass and repair damage. During the two days when you are consuming carbohydrates, you will, naturally, slip out of ketosis. This is why you must be very strict about following the cyclical nature of the diet and return to the standard keto plan for the remaining five days of the week.

Keto Diet Generation 2: Keto Zone Diet by Dr. Don Colbert

Dr. Don Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet is not just about entering Ketosis, it’s more about the overall sense of well-being and staying in that state in order to get the maximum benefits out of this diet. Dr. Don Colbert says that he has tried almost all of the ingredients and foods in this diet on himself and speaks from his own personal experience and battles with dieting and nutrition. The diet itself is quite extensive in the fact that it has no gelatin, no gluten, no preservatives or artificial colors or flavors, and utilizes the diets fatty foods as fuel to keep you going. It dives into how ketosis affects your overall metabolic health and goes into Glucose Ketone Index as well.

Dr. Don Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet also tries to provide specific ketogenic recommendations for anyone following the plan that is dealing with health concerns, from cancer to high cholesterol and even Alzheimer’s Disease. The Keto Zone diet will help you burn fat, which we all know is very important when it comes to weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, balance appetite hormones and in general, lose weight. The Keto Zone Diet also claims to help reverse and/or prevent many diseases! One of the things that many followers of this specific diet plan tout is that it is very good when it comes to keeping up the energy levels of dieters and helps curb those diet based mood swings that can make life living with a dieter extra burdensome at times.

Keto Diet Generation 2: Keto Friendly South Beach Diet (less strict Keto)

The Keto Friendly South Beach Diet is a less strict version of the Keto diet. In fact, I often hear people say that this one is “Keto Made Easy” and to a large extent, that is a really great way to look at things! The Keto Friendly South Beach Diet claims that it’s able to boost your metabolism and burn from one hundred to an excess of five hundred calories per day! This puts your body into fat-burning mode! It uses a science-backed update to the proven South Beach Diet and combines “good fats” and “healthy carbs” with the advanced nutrition of keto, making it easier to follow, and therefore, easier to succeed in your goals than standard Keto diets!


One of these keto diet plans should work for you. The standard keto diet (SKD) is an excellent choice for those primarily interested in the weight loss benefits of the diet. Targeted keto dieting (TKD) works well for those who are engaged in a vigorous workout regimen, allowing you to power through the toughest routine. And for those who are just as concerned about building or maintaining muscle mass and strength, but concerned about their ability to stick with such a restrictive diet on a continual basis, the cyclical keto diet may be the answer. Each one has its own advantages and restrictions, and each one requires a commitment you must be willing to make. I’m sure that you will find the benefits merit the minimal sacrifice.

For those who may be interested in learning more about the different Keto diets available, I am going to be working on many new and exciting articles in the coming weeks and months. There will be future articles for each of the diets discussed starting with the Standard, First Generation Keto Diet. I hope you find these articles as enjoyable and educational as I have when discovering the many options!

Keto Diet Generation 2: The Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD)

Keto Diet Generation 2: The Targeted Keto Diet (TKD)

Keto Diet Generation 2: The Cyclical Keto Diet (CKD)

Keto Diet Generation 2: Keto Zone Diet by Dr Don Colbert

Keto Diet Generation 2: Keto Friendly South Beach Diet (less strict Keto)


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