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diet-403588_640The Paleo diet, known as the cave man’s diet, restricts people from eating processed foods. It takes people back to the simple days of hunters and gathers. They ate off the land because, at that time, grocery stores or refrigeration was nonexistent. Instead, they were eating off the land. Through the diet your body gets more vitamins and minerals, brain function is better, a person’s risk of allergies are lower and all the body’s internal systems run smoother. To try out the Paleo diet, try incorporating (or removing) the following foods from your diet.

First, let’s talk about foods you should remove. There are foods that are high in sugar and fat. These are cakes, candy and cookies. All the nutrition has been stripped from this food, replacing it with sugar and carbohydrates. Some may make the same argument of bread, bagels and breadsticks. In addition, foods that are high in salt, such as chips or popcorn, are good to stay away from if you plan to go Paleo. These foods are going to keep the weight on, pushing you further away from your weight loss goals.

In addition, try to stay away from soda, coffee, sugary drinks (such as juice) or alcohol. Some of these are high in calories. They also take longer to break down once in your digestion system, which means your body turns it into fat much quicker. In most individuals, this fat settles around the person’s stomach or abdominal area, giving a person what they refer to as love handles, a beer gut or a muffin top.

On the flip side, there are foods that you should add to your Paleo grocery list. Consider all fresh meat is fair game for the Paleo diet. Tuna, beef, chicken, pork, turkey and shrimp can all be eaten on the Paleo diet. Lobster, crab and cod are also good choices. During the caveman era, they also had nuts and seeds. This means that foods such as almonds, pecans, walnuts sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds would all be suitable snacks or additions to recipes. These are also good sources of protein.

Moreover, a wide selection of vegetables are included on the Paleo diet. These vegetables include leafy greens such as broccoli, spinach and lettuce. Also included are cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, and a wide variety of peppers. Asparagus, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini and radishes are all part of the paleo diet. These vegetables are low in fat and known as superfoods. They work hard to prevent disease, while helping to boost your immune system.

Finally, you may want to consider your beverages. Water should be drank most of the time because it’s going to keep you hydrated. Water helps keep your body cool and helps to maintain your body’s systems so that they function correctly. Mineral water and almond milk are also good alternatives, while herbal tea may be drank in place of coffee.

The Paleo diet is a hard diet to follow. It restricts dairy while the dieter eats, more or less, what they can get from a farmer. This diet takes dedication and hard work but it’s worth it. Soon you’ll see your weight loss soar and you’ll be amazed.

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Alberto S. Mansfield

This article really helped me understanding how paleo diet can help complications related to aging. It is perfect diet for elderly people. To avoid complications, and I consider paleo most efficient and the effective diet for meeting nutritional needs of people over sixty.

Allan Jackson

You have no idea how helpful this is. My wife wants to get started on this diet and I did not know where to start. Thank you!

Marilyn Craft

There is a TON of beneficial information on this website! This post alone helped me get started on my new diet!

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