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physiotherapy-595529_640Lately I’ve been trying to eat a lot healthier. I’ve cut out fast food cold turkey. I’m trying to wean myself off soda by only having it when we dine out. And, we recently joined the gym. I seem to be doing everything right but the weight sees to be staggering. As I work towards a healthy diet, the following techniques are methods I have tried and so far they have proven to work.

Cook more meals at home. I’ll admit, it’s nice to go out to a restaurant and relax. But how well do you know what’s in your food? The more I cooked at home, I soon realized I was eating healthier. I was choosing lean meats and vegetables. I wasn’t presented with breads at restaurants and the temptation of carbohydrates. Instead, I only prepared the food of which I wanted to eat. And, there was no pressure to eat a high-sugar dessert after my meal. I still feel relaxed at the dinner table but it’s due to the fact that I know exactly what I’m putting in my body. And, often it’s half of the calories of what you would get dining out.

Drink more water. Health experts always tell us to stay hydrated. My doctor has told me to drink water at four specific times of the day. First, drink water in the morning because it’s going to help wake up your internal organs. It’s also going to help your body flush out any toxins before you eat breakfast. Then, drink water at least 30 minutes before your first meal. This is going to help your body digest your food better. In addition, drink a full glass of water before taking a bath or shower to lower your blood pressure. And, drink a glass of water before going to sleep for the night. Doing so is going to keep your body from losing more fluid than it should throughout the night.

Don’t forget to exercise. Exercise is important to keep us young at heart. Try your best to mix up cardio and strength-training exercise. For example, you might spend the entire time at the gym on the treadmill or the elliptical, while the next day you come back to exercise on the weight machines. This alternation gives some of your muscle groups a day of rest while waking up and working others. Decide, too, if you enjoy outdoor or indoor exercise. If you enjoy working out outdoors, you might consider taking up jogging, marathons or hiking. If you enjoy indoor exercise, you might enjoy walking an indoor track. But regardless what type of exercise you enjoy best, just get it done.

Make no food off-limits. When we’re dieting, we often say we can’t have pizza or can’t have ice cream. But, as luck would have it, we often find ourselves craving these items more once we cut them out. Instead of shunning these items out into the cold, eat them in moderation. For instance, save your chips strictly for movie night. Or, save your ice cream for date night with your spouse. Doing so will give you a healthier relationship with these foods. While you may want them, you learn to appreciate the foods more and their new meaning.

Stick to portion sizes. Finally, it can be hard to always eat a regular portion size. But, if we’re going to live a healthy life, then we have to do it. Consider buying a kitchen scale to measure your food. Then, read the serving size on each product you eat. If a box of cereal says a serving size is ¾ cup, for instance, then measure this in your scale. To keep track of it easier, use a program like MyFitnessPal to track your food. It’s going to help you manage your weight and help you visualize eating patterns.

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