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Selection of Healthy Foods
Selection of Healthy Foods

Importance of a healthy diet:

A well balanced and healthy diet is highly essential for keeping yourself free from perilous diseases and to stay active and strong. Doctors and nutritionists all over the world stress upon its importance and instill its benefits in the minds of people since a young age. Every year, thousands of conferences and seminars are held in order to spread awareness about proper nutrition and balanced diet plans.

Common attribute in all balanced diet plans:

Each and every doctor proposes a contemporary type of nutritious lifestyle. There are various kinds of dietary lifestyles all filled with nourishment and foods that would keep the diseases at bay. In all the eating lifestyles, however, one thing is common and certain: The use of processed and fatty food items is expansively discouraged and the consumption of natural foods is encouraged widely. The processed items like dairy products, meats and sugary confectioneries play a vital role in many childhood diseases that extend till the end and “is the quickest way to the grave” and thus are heavily frowned upon.

Various eating lifestyles:

The most popular eating lifestyles across the world include the Mediterranean diet, Mayo Clinic diet, Weight watchers, Vegetarianism, Jenny Craig, Biggest Loser Diet, Volumetrics, Ornish Diet, Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet etc. All these dietary lifestyles depend on the person who is planning or is asked to attain a particular dietary habit. DASH Diet was introduced by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and heavily emphasizes upon lower salt intake and urges to cut-back on fatty and calorie rich foods. TLC Diet plan was developed by National Institutes of Health’s National Cholesterol Education Program which solely focuses on a diet that assists in the reduction of cardiovascular diseases and supports fibrous diet.

A person plans or follows a diet plan according to the requirement of their body. For example, some people become completely vegetarians and they strictly avoid eating meat. Their nutritious values are to be regulated accordingly. They have to ensure their mineral intake is balanced. Another person may follow an eating lifestyle to reduce the weight. They will have to cut down on sugary items and fat saturated foods and increase their vegetable intake.

Nutrition after 50:

The nutrition values in every food product are mainly dependent on the calorie intake per day. The amount of calories to be consumed by a person depends upon a lot of factors, like the age and body type. The nutrition values required by a child differ immensely as compared to the nutrition values that are required by a person aged 50 or above. After reaching the 50s, the calorie intake depends on the activity of the body. If you are extremely active, you can increase your calorie intake whereas if you are not physically active every day, the nutrition values will be different. The diet at such age also depends on the medicines being used. Some people suffer from various mingled side effects with nutritious foods, like lactose intolerance. The increased use of supplements calls for a decrease in nutritious food intake. All these factors are discussed when a dietary plan is being formed for a person.



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One of the best swaps I ever made was just swapping out cereal for breakfast to having scrambled eggs instead. I felt much better, and although I was working out at the time so there were a lot of factors, I was eating much less sugar and carbs just by swapping those out.

If you can’t get rid of these things all at once, try little swaps! It’s really helpful if you just try little things at a time.


I’ve heard a lot of mixed information about whether “processed” foods are truly bad for us. Are they harder for our bodies to metabolize simply because they’ve been altered in a way that makes it harder for our systems to recognize and utilize the nutrients in the food?

Ray Plumlee

Processed foods deservedly have a bad reputation. Processed food is usually associated with things like additives, chemicals, and harsh or bizarre cooking methods, saturated fat and excessively added sugars or sodium. Thus, processed foods are often considered a major cause of public health concerns including obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. I for one agree with this conclusion and believe you should avoid these processed foods that include ingredients with trans fats, large amounts of sodium and sugar, and obscure chemicals. These foods tend to be very low in vitamins and minerals and often cause large weight gains.… Read more »

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