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Senior Athletes
Senior Athletes

The sports world is slowly changing the way that they look at burning fat and dieting. Fat burning diets are something that have been around for some time, but not necessarily something that the sports world has spent a whole lot of time focusing on. So, why now?

Simply put, your personal nutrition is going to determine the success and/or failure of your diet. Fat burning exercises, well, they burn fat! Get lean principles, like eating enough protein and keeping your carbohydrates low, can keep your body burning fat throughout the day.

Think about it like this, the less overall body mass an athlete has, the less power and force it takes to move that mass on the “field of battle.” Fat burning diets burn fat and therefore reduce mass. When athletes moderate their energy deficits they can slowly burn fat, which can be used as energy, while still training to maintain their muscle mass. This works out great, because by doing this, athletes do not have to worry about their “carb load” and can use the fat burning as energy in the same way they would carbs.

Low-carb high-fat diets actually help athletes burn more fat! When athletes change the types of foods that they eat, they can change the fuel that their muscles use to burn fat. The reason behind this is because you are teaching the body to run more metabolically efficient.

There are also other benefits to this type of diet. The lack of carbs and sugar mean that you are going to experience less insulin spikes, which means less crashing. Combine those bonuses with the fact that insulin’s need to store fat, you have two amazing reasons to try a diet that double burns fat.

Most people don’t realize that what you eat is more important to loosing weight, and gaining weight, in comparison to exercise. When you watch what goes into your body, you have to worry less about how to burn that food off, along with the weight you were already trying to burn. Once you’re burning fat, and allowing your body to use fat-burning to fuel your muscles, you can focus on your end results, not watching every single morsel of food that enters your body.

Of course, there’s drawbacks to every diet. Watching your fat intake, your sugar intake, and your overall calories. As well as making sure that you are putting the right kinds of fat in your body, is going to be very important when it comes to your end results. Take time to read up on these types of diets, and decide if this is something that you can dedicate your time and hard work towards doing correctly. The results will then speak for themselves.

Low Carb High Fat Diet Athletic Performance – Russ Scala

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Jason Gonzalez

Nice share! It’s good to know why and how sports world is switching to fat burning diets. Since sports related people needed to be very active and they’re with heavy fatness is bit weird.

Justin Reynolds

Well, there is a good reason to get the fat out of your body. If you can do any kind of diet, reducing the fat in your body would be a great start!

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