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Eat Fat Loose Fat Book Cover

Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fat  by Mary Enig, Sally Fallon highlights their efforts to correct a seemingly peevasive myth that tropical fats and oils with major emphasis on coconut oil are unhealthy.  The general belief is that these fats and oils are responsible for thyroid issues, loss of energy, skin problems etc. One point of note here is that man has been convinced to believe that those fats and oil are responsible for obesity and has scared the wits out of many. However, this new addition to the fast-fix diet bookshelf unravels the truth in eating a healthy lifestyle but not at the expense of sacrificing great dishes which have fats heavily incorporated into them. It is no longer newsworthy that millions of Americans have come to the conclusion that tropical fats and oils such as coconut have a disastrous effect but Enig (a biochemist and nutritionist) and Fallon (President of the Weston A. Price Foundation; a non-profit dedicated to helping people implement healthy approaches to nutrition) are here with the gospel of “high-fat, low carb really works” with the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fat.

Meanwhile, the book also teaches a lot about the modern American diet and how we approach this low-fat craze and why “one size fits all” diets don’t work for all of us. Enig and Fallon also cast light on the way we’ve been taught to eat, which is actually a catalyst in increasing the rate of degenerative disease such as thyroid issues. I was intrigued by this discovery which has helped many in reducing drastically, the level of drugs prescription and providing them with the hope of getting healthy again through diet. It has seen the return of the idea that food provides nutrition that a human body needs to function well and this is beyond immeasurable doubts as provided by the book. With its step by step approach, Enig and Fallon through this book have been able to give hope to many again.

Evidence also suggests that a major change in thinking about healthy eating is in the making and we cannot deny but a major paradigm shift in nutrition is underway. Our ancestors ate healthy fats and whole foods for thousands of years, just as God intended and today, we’ve gone against that wisdom and are paying for it with runaway health problems but this book has a proven solution. A solution beyond drugs but by diet alone. This is not just a book but a voice against the false teachings of Fats, a sincere assessment of the dangers of low-fat failure that has forced millions of Americans to become overweight or practically, obese and generally unhealthy.  Truly, the recipes, menus, and methods listed to mitigate this fiasco will in no doubt and with a high odd of achievability, help millions to get trimmer and fitting into clothes that have been stored away years ago.

Beyond the fact that this book is highly informative and educative, Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fat is highly comprehensible. The authors step by step guide to learning about why fat is good for the body will help you live a longer healthier life in a natural way. Ignorance they say is the mother of all disease. There are a lot of people out there who are diabetic and having thyroid problems with no understanding that they might be deficient in Vitamin A because they can’t convert beta-carotene into Vitamin A. How much more difficulty is supplementing your diet with a tablespoon and a half of coconut oil twenty minutes before eating to level out your energy level all day long? Much thanks to this basic nutritional message put together by Enig and Fallon.

In addition to the insightful package provided by this fast-fix diet book, the recipes are actually delicious when tried and not just a cooked up menu. Lest I forget to mention, that the book is much less labor intensive and this is a plus for every practical book on the shelf. The great quality placed on the food consumed such as organic, sustainably produced, natural, whole foods, animal protein from pasture-raised animals who are treated humanely. Real, raw (as opposed to pasteurized) milk products is highly admirable and insightful as this negates the artificially sweetened diet sodas which are typically recommended.

Coconut Tree
Coconut Tree

Their approach skews more toward traditional diets and away from modern diets (e.g., chose animal fats over vegetable oils; raw or fermented dairy products instead of pasteurized ones. Without mincing words, there are many generations of nutritional wisdom in this book. It spans further than the latest fad approach to health, wholeness and weight loss. The best part of this approach is that you get to eat better than any other diet than you ever tried before and yet you maintain a comfortable weight and feel amazing; healthier, stronger and happier without getting deprived or wanting for that flavorful food you so much dream of. I strongly believe and greatly respect this message passed by Enig and Fallon for a healthy society with the use of fats and oil.

I guess at this point, it’s high time I withdrew my pen from writing further my review on the book Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fat by Enig and Fallon, but there is one more thing I feel I should let you know before I go. Before now, there has always been friction and tension when it came to this topic of Fats and oils being unhealthy. However, beyond just providing the solution and liberating many from this myth as a result of ignorance, Enig and Fallon have been able to settle the rift by producing an evidence-based research with this fast fix-diet book. I am so happy to have found this book and read for myself, the benefits of fats and oil and what foods provide the nutrition that a human body needs to function well and I recommend that you refer a friend to the bookshelf to get his/her copy.

Coconut Oil is made from the tropical nut called Coconut
Coconut Oil is made from the tropical nut called Coconut


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