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Importance Of Walking To The Health Of Men Over 60
Importance Of Walking To The Health Of Men Over 60

Walking is a healthy way to exercise. By far it’s one’s of the easiest exercises out there. A person can go how fast or slow they want. They can add weights to their body to give themselves a challenge, or just walk to increase their body’s strength. A brisk walk any day of the year is going to lower your chances of encountering heart disease and diabetes, lengthening your life and making life worth living. There are several benefits to walking, but first get those walking shoes on!

Research has shown, that when people walk after dinner, this lowers their blood sugar. George Washington University researchers studied people over 60 whose blood sugar was elevated but they did not have diabetes. When they walked briskly for 15 minutes, their blood sugar was lower from when they started. This helps the insulin in your body work more effectively. And, walking helps to strengthen the muscles all throughout your body.

In addition, walking is also excellent for lower back pain. While you are walking, you are strengthening your abdominal and your back muscles. If you make a habit of walking, going every night for 20 to 40 minutes, these muscles will tighten up over time. The fat around them is going to sweat off and your body is going to look lean. If you’re walking too fast and your back starts to hurt, don’t push it by going for another walk. Talk to your doctor first.

Another fantastic benefit of walking is that it lengthens a man’s life. Researchers in Canada studied men over 55. The more they got out and walked, the healthier they were both physically and mentally. The average amount of steps in the study was around 8,539. This averages out to less than two miles. Any amount of walking is going to benefit your health, but the longer distances—if you can do them—are going to really help improve your health and your body.

Let’s not also forget that walking provides a good source of Vitamin D. This nutritious vitamin can be found coming from our sun, orange juice, most lean meats, dairy, fruits and vegetables. It makes sense that when we stay indoors we don’t get much of it. But, when we walk outdoors, we are getting a free daily dose of Vitamin D. This helps to boost our immune system and our health. It makes us happier and helps us to fight anxiety.

Finally, walking is going to make you more energetic. In the beginning you might be tired and sore. It’s not uncommon to take a cat nap or two but try not to make a habit of it. A few weeks or a month into your walking routine, you’ll no longer want that nap. You’ll find that you are more energetic. You’re out doing activities that you never thought you could do. This is really uplifting and shows how healthy we can be at any age. So tie those tennis shoes and get ready—we’re going for a walk!

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I have never been athletic, and at 62, this has definitely caught up with me. They say “use it or lose it” and I began to feel that in my joints and muscles. When I first started a walking regimen, it just felt like a chore. But I started to feel myself loosening up a bit, and now I look forward to the energy I get from walking regularly.

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