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Exercise Your Abs While Sitting
There are many Isometric Exercises you can do while sitting.

In my experience, the one thing that can be just as hard as losing weight and getting into shape, is finding the time to properly exercise. I’m sure if we all had an extra hour or two per day we could manage to be in tip-top shape in no time. However, all hope is not lost. My research has shown that even your daily exercise does not have to be done all at once. If you are a busy person, like me, you can do these easy Isometric Exercises, even while sitting down. Doing these four exercises whenever you can fit them in throughout the day, even while sitting behind your desk, will still help you meet your exercise goals.

  1. Isometric Shoulder Shrug – Start off trying to do ten reps of ten. You will want to pause when your shoulders get to the highest point, for about five seconds. Start by sitting upright in your chair. If you are using an office chair, make sure that you have turned the recline option off. Next, grasp either side of the chair, curling your fingers inward. Now, try to lift the seat of your chair while you’re sitting on it, almost as if you are trying to pick yourself up off the floor. Remember to use isometric muscle contractions for best results.
  2. Isometric Neck Rotation – Start off by trying to do ten reps of ten, if that is too difficult to start, break it in half and work your way up. Improve the strength and stability of your neck by working out the muscles on each side. Start by placing you right hand flat against the right side of your head. Now, you want to try to push against your right hand. Next, work on the rotation aspect of the exercise by placing your hands on each side of your head and try to turn your head in each direction (left or right), while flexing your muscles and trying not to allow your head turn.
  3. Isometric Squeeze – Hey, everyone would like a nice looking posterior, right? This exercise can be done totally incognito, and can be very, “uplifting” too! Tone your glutes by silently squeezing them and holding for thirty seconds. You can do five reps of ten, or you can do it until you are feeling fatigue in your glutes (buttocks).
  4. Isometric Calf Raises – This one is another that can be done on the sly. Start by sitting upright in your chair with your feet flat against the ground. Make sure your knees are bent to ninety degrees, and try to lift your heels off the ground as high as possible. Flex those calf muscles and hold the position thirty seconds, and then lower your heels back to the floor and allow your muscles time to relax. You can do five sets of ten for best results.

I believe that any exercise is progress towards your overall goals. Start off slow, using these exercises as a supplement for when you cannot get to the gym, or just do not have the time for a full workout. You will be surprised at the amount of strength and fat loss you can accomplish right from behind your desk!

90 second isometric workout

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I’m Nick Wilkinson. I writer and radio personality who lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

With over 14 years of experience in the Behavioral Health Field, I’ve been working in close contact with kids from all walks of life.

Specializing in teenagers and young adults, I’ve been a career long supporter of “verbal de-escalation” and non-violent crisis intervention. I believe that what you say, and how you say it, are the keys to successful communication. I currently write about men's health topics, parenting and child abuse topics, and other social issues. You can visit my blog at

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Brent Wardsworth

Wow! another great article. The exercise you recommended is worth trying.

Nancy Clark

For elderly people isometric exercise is ideal as keeps them healthy and physically fit. Unlike other exercises, there is less effort involved and one can do them on workstation or chair. Thank you Nick Wilkinson for sharing an awesome video for us.

Donna Norris

People sit way too much today. On the other hand, if you do not have any option, at least these exercises will help you out!


Thanks for letting know about Isometric exercises. Actually I’m having trouble to make time for exercising and seems like these exercising ways are perfect to give a try.

John Cross

I hadn’t heard of isometric exercises before I happened upon this website. I assumed after dieting and wanting to get back in shape I was going to be going to the gym. I didn’t want to go until I dropped the weight though, a vanity thing. I am glad I discovered isometric exercises during my search for diet information. Thank you.


Exercising while sitting.. this is really something new and interesting. I can’t wait to start right away!! Thank you!!

George J.

This is great information. I am going to do these and the neck exercises described in another post right now, while sitting at my computer.

John Green

Starting tomorrow I will be doing these isometric desk and chair exercises. I spend too much time and my desk and it is starting to show. I can’t do anything to change my time at the desk, but I can changed what I do while sitting there.

Sydney Drury

Great post. Some people think they need to be in a gym in order to get the benefits of exercising. That is not the case as just about everything you are doing during the day can be tweaked into a workout of some kind.

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