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Isometrics use muscle contractions to work with the natural function of muscles. Any elite athlete will tell you that Isometric exercises are useful when it comes to shaping and sculpting the muscles in your abdomen. These exercises are great for traditional workouts, as well as body building. Isometric exercises are an alternative to traditional sit-ups, and help by keeping the abdominal muscles rigid and strong, rather than in their natural relaxed state.

1. The Isometric Static push.
This is a great exercise for any athlete that works out with a partner. Using a partner, you lay flat on your back, using a firm surface like the floor is best, and raise your knees so that they are parallel to your hips. Keeping the heels of your feet slightly above your knees, have your partner press firmly down on your shins and hold the position for up to thirty seconds. As your partner is pushing, contract your abdominal muscles in order to keep your stomach rigid, and try to prevent your heels from dropping below the height of your knees.

2. The Isometric Anterior Plank: While on your hands and knees, put your forearms against the floor and extend your legs out as far as they will go. Next, use your toes and forearms to keep your body off of the floor, sort of like a push-up. During this exercise, it’s important to try to keep your back straight. Focus your breathing and inhale, as you exhale, push the air out firmly passed your pursed lips. Try to keep your inner abs as tight as possible until you have completely emptied your lungs. Hold your exhale for a few seconds, and then quickly inhale again, making your breath and actions deliberate, focused, and tight in the inner abs. Use this exercise to work your lower abs. Two to five minutes should be ample time to help strengthen your core.

3. The Isometric Lateral Plank: While lying on the right side of your body, hold yourself up with your right elbow and put your left hand on your hip. Raise your hips off the floor by resting your right elbow and your right foot. Try to keep your torso form in a straight diagonal, and begin the exercise by using the same breathing techniques used in The Isometric Anterior Plank. Focus on muscle contraction and tightening your stomach and oblique’s, and hold for one minute, then switch sides and do the same.

These Isometric Exercises will help tighten your core, build strength in your abdomen, flatten your stomach, and work your abdominal muscles in ways they have not been previously exercised. They require very little in the way of equipment or tools, have been used in body building for years. Focus your breathing so that it goes hand in hand with the tightening and releasing of the muscle areas that you are working on, but try not to anticipate your movements and fall into a rhythmic cycle. Instead, alternate between closing your eyes, and taking brief pauses, extending your breathing and concentric and eccentric muscle contractions so that they vary slightly.

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Time to get rid of my protective layer(s) of fat, or as I call them: eating muscles 😉

Brent Wardsworth

No doubt, it is a complete tutorial about abdomen related isometric exercises. The beauty of isometric exercises is the low cost equipment involved in performing such exercises. I am a regular gym guy and rate isometric exercises very high for fitness.

Ward Pedersen

I am not fat, but I have that midlife bulge around the middle and nothing I have done so far to get rid of it has worked. Of course I am hardly religiously following any exercise program. No time to do so. This isometric exercising on the abdomen though I can see being able to commit to. Thanks for this and so much other good advice.


Time to get rid of my protective layer(s) of fat, or as I call them: eating muscles 😉

Kevin Refresh

I have gotten soft and pudgy, no doubt about it. I have no time to go to the gym but I am able to do isometric exercises I am sure. Thanks for the information.


Been working out with the wife and so far it’s going great. Thank you for the ideas, the video helped as well.


It has been quite some time since I worked out, and it shows. I appreciate you posting this. I’m going to give it a try. Can’t do any harm, right?

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