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Isometric Exercise is a key component to helping build a strong and healthy body. In order to build strength naturally and quickly, a combination of concentric and eccentric muscle contractions that occur during Isometric Exercise can help build strong forearms and triceps. As well as give your arm a enormous amount of strength and stability. Isometric Exercises are the kind that you can practice anywhere without any special equipment. Below are some exercises for your arm that will help you build better arms.

  1. Isometric Seated Triceps Press: First, you must be seated with your back as straight as it can be. Next, place your palms against one another in front of your chest. Make sure that your fingers are facing upwards. Start by pushing your hands against each other. This causes isometric contraction in your triceps. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat up to 30 times.
  2. Isometric Triceps Towel Pull: A towel is required for this exercise to be done properly. Start by sitting down on a comfortable, yet firm, bench. Next, put the towel around your neck, making sure that the end of the towel rests on each side of your chest. Take the ends of the towel and pull the towel down towards the floor. This causes isometric contraction in your triceps. Keep your feet on the floor and your back straight at all times, and hold the pull for at least ten seconds. Repeat up to 30 times.
  3. Isometric Forearm Push: Start by bending your arms in a way that your forearms are parallel to the floor. You want to make sure that your palms are always facing down. Keep your fingers straight and curl them until the fingers are firmly against the “heel” of your hands. Remembering to always try and keep your fingers straight, push them against the “heel” of your hands as firmly as possible. This causes isometric contraction in your biceps. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds, and repeat at least 30 times.
  4. Isometric Seated Forearm: Start off in the seated position and place the palms of your hands over your knees. Keep your fingers pointed downward at all times. Next, press your fingers against your knee while flexing the underside of each forearm. Hold the position for at least ten seconds, and repeat at least thirty times.

These simple exercises use combination of concentric and eccentric muscle contractions to help keep your muscles active and toned. The best part is that aside from a towel, they require virtually no equipment, and also take up very little space to complete. Whether you are an athlete, into professional body building, or just trying to get in a good workout at the office, these Isometric Exercises are perfect to fit into a busy day.

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John Sandovals

Very informative blog post, but I am more interested to find some isometric exercises for arms particularly targeting biceps. Please share your knowledge about biceps related isometric exercises. Following your instructions, started doing isometric seated triceps press exercise a few days ago. Though I can’t repeat more than 20 times, but I am sure, I will be able reach benchmark of 20 very soon.

Neil Wright

Hey Nick and Ray. I really appreciate the isometric exercise tips and how to information. I have more time to do isometric exercises than I ever will getting geared up for a full blown, gym work out, let alone get to the gym in the first place. No excuses with isometric exercises.


I just read your article on isometric exercises for your neck and you got me enthusiastic. Why not try them all? You’re amazing!

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