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Nice Bicep
Women swoon over a good set of biceps.

Isometric Exercise has been used in body building, as well as by any athlete looking to build strength quickly and naturally. The concentric and eccentric muscle contractions that occur during Isometric Exercise are the only tools needed to help build strong biceps and give your arm a terrific amount of strength and stability. Unlike regular strength training, it’s done in a fixed position instead of moving through diverse motions. It means you can practice this type of exercises anytime and anywhere without any special equipment. Below are some exercises for your arm that will help you build better biceps.

1. Isometric Biceps Contraction:

This great exercise uses concentric and eccentric contractions of the muscles, and is easy to do virtually anywhere. Start by standing with your legs spread out in a stance that is even with your hips. Keep your arm closely tucked into your side, and bend your left elbow to ninety degrees. Try to keep the ninety degree position while you push down your left hand with your right hand. Hold this contraction for up to a minute, or as long as possible, and then switch sides and repeat. Maintain the 90 degree position while pushing down on your right hand with your left hand. Three sets of ten is a great goal for any athlete to strive for, and the more you do it, the longer you’ll be able to hold the position.

2. Isometric Towel Hold:

This exercise requires one piece of equipment, something any athlete usually has during workouts, a towel! The exercise is simple. Start by twisting a large size towel and stepping on one end of it with your right foot. Next, bend your elbow at ninety degrees and grab on to the other end of the towel where it is in line with your hand. Flex your elbow until you can start to feel resistance, and then hold this position for up to a minute. Let go, and repeat with the opposite arm. That’s it! Try doing this body building trick in sets of five or more.

3. Breakfast Table Biceps:

This easy to do exercise can be done at the breakfast table, hence the name, or in the office during a quick break. Start by putting your hands under a desk or table, place them under the table top palms up, and press firmly against the surface. Keep your elbows tight against your rib-cage, and hold your hands for a slow ten count. Repeat this activity ten times for best results.
These simple exercises using muscle contraction to help keep your muscles active and toned. The best part is that aside from a towel, they require virtually no equipment, and also take up very little space to complete. Whether you are an athlete, into professional body building, or just trying to get in a good workout at the office, these Isometric Exercises are perfect to fit into a busy day.

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Teresa C. Negrete

There is a huge range of isometric exercises for biceps, but my personal favorite is breakfast table isometric biceps. I never miss it and do it every day before breakfast. Before preparing breakfast, I consume almost 15 minutes doing this simple, yet rewarding exercise.

Gabby L,

I find all of the isometric exercise posts really interesting and useful. I don’t think there is an area of the body you have missed, Thanks for sharing!


It’s great that you don’t have to go out and pay for an expensive gym membership in order to get fit and look fit as well! Thank you for making this available for us!

Eric Lutz

I am trying the suggested Isometric Biceps Contraction exercises right now, sitting at my desk.


The breakfast exercise confused my wife until I told her what I was doing. Ha ha ha! Thank you for the articles, they are of great help.

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