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Sylverster Stallone nearly 70!
Wish you looked as good as Sylvester Stallone who is nearly 70!

Stubborn belly fat can be a real pain to get rid of, as can be the fat that develops around the “love handles”, but certain Isometric Exercises can build lean muscle without adding mass to that area. Exercises that use eccentric and concentric muscle contractions have shown to be a major benefit for athletes and professional body builders, and now you can take advantage of these amazing techniques too.

  1. Isometric Plank: The plank, and planking, has become a hugely popular way to keep your core tight, and help develop strong stomach muscles. Start by lying face down and putting your elbows underneath your shoulders. Next, lift your hips off of the floor forming a straight line with your body from shoulders to toes. Start by holding the pose for twenty seconds, and see if you can work your way up to a full minute.
  2. Isometric Side Plank: Similar to the regular plank, this side plank variation helps work on the lateral abdominal muscles. Start by lying on your side with your elbow once again placed directly under the shoulders. Next, lift your hips into the air, making a straight line through out your body from the shoulders to the toes. Start by holding the pose for twenty seconds, and see if you can work your way up to a full minute.
  3. Isometric Stomach Vacuum: This exercise should be done on a mostly empty stomach. A full stomach can be bloated and cause a little bit of discomfort. First, start by lying on your back. Make sure you are on a firm surface that does not have any give to it. Next, bring your arms over your head and reach out as far as you can. Try to keep your legs flat against the ground and as straight as possible. Now, exhale deeply and lift your chest and arch your back, contracting your stomach muscles for a few seconds. Start by holding the pose for twenty seconds, and see if you can work your way up to a full minute.

Once you’ve reached a certain age, developing a tight core can become a huge benefit. It can add balance and stability, and help fight off obesity and fat accumulation around the waist, or “love handles”. If you are a modern athlete looking to trim down, into professional body building and looking for a way to add definition, or just trying to get rid of unneeded belly fat, try using these Isometric Exercises and allowing eccentric and concentric muscle contractions to help shape your new stomach into something you can be proud of.

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Victoria Florence

In order to live strong don’t miss doing isometric exercises for waist. I remained in quest of discovering the best exercise for my waist and found that isometric exercises done on plank are the best and very easy to perform.

Steve Pierce

The first time I did a plank I thought I was going to break my back. I guess I should have went with your suggestion of 20 seconds rather than a 1 minute plank right out of the gate 🙂


No kidding right? I feel very good once I get through a couple planks, but the struggle at first is so hard!

Ian Michael

Now this is an exercise I can manage. I have too much fat in only one place, and as you point out the tire around the middle is tough to get rid of. Sit ups did nothing and I hate going to a gym, so wanted something I could do at home to be rid of my gut. This will do the job I think. Thanks!

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