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Picking the right exercise equipment to use.
Picking the right exercise equipment to use.

As you grow older and reach your 60s, you may find it difficult to carry on with your routine gym exercises. There is a danger of over-exertion, stressing your limbs and injuries. But exercises are necessary in order to stay fit and healthy and keep your body active. There are wonderful ways through which you can stay in form but not be prone to risks of injury.

To ease the stiffness and pain of joints, you have to decide the proper exercise. For seniors, the best equipment should have controlled movements and low impact ability. The elliptically designed gym equipment are best as they allow safe movements without once lifting your feet. You can reduce the chances of landing incorrectly. The elliptical machines have comfortable handlebars which can be precisely adjusted according to the height of the user. You can enjoy a superb arm workout with these equipment. For perfect joint exercises, many people over 60 purchase Circuit Training Resistance Equipment.

For indoor aerobic activity, you can again choose the elliptic equipment which will increase your heart to ensure a better endurance, for example, a Treadmill. Another option for aerobic exercises is a stationary bike; you can adjust the seat of the bike according to your height easily and workout by comfortably placing your hands on the handlebars. The speed of the bike also depends on your potential. You can increase and decrease it by changing it from the panel. The Recumbent Bike is one of the best bikes that can be used as home exercise equipment.

Many seniors want to work on their muscular strength and to build the muscle mass which is gradually lost with the aging process. This strength can be overcome through rowing machine, which is valuable equipment for seniors. You’ll have to maintain a straight back posture, pulling the handle bars toward yourself, while pressing the foot pads with your feet. Your knees are kept straight while pulling the handlebars whereas they have to bend when you are releasing them. It is a fantastic joints exercise. For people who want to work on abdominal muscles, the Ab Rocker is a great option.

You can also use weights for muscle strengthening, starting from smaller weights. You can increment the weight as you progress. It will be best if you get a table near you so that you can rest occasionally while lifting weights.

Flexibility plays a vital role in body health and is essential for seniors. Through flexibility exercises, the stiffness from your joints can be reduced and it will have a positive impact n the blood circulations as well. Yoga straps are a good option to practice this kind of exercise. You will start by bending forward and looping the band under the feet, grabbing both sides of the band. You will not need to reach for your toes in this exercise. Stretching will be helpful as it will make you realize which part of your body is suffering from stiffness. You can inform your doctor about it later.

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