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Seniors Cycling for Fun and Health
Seniors Cycling for Fun and Health

Retirees face quite a lot of challenges after reaching their 60s such as staying fit and healthy, maintaining friendships and social connections. As you get older, the former injuries and health issues flare up, you might have trouble with bones and joints and you’d often feel tired even with decreased mobility and activities.

But getting older is not a difficulty; it is the perfect opportunity for you to try different things and look after yourself. With fewer responsibilities on your shoulders, you can find exciting solutions for your health problems. It will also open new paths for you to reconnect with the world.

Staying in form after reaching your 60s is not such a daunting task as it seems. The best way to lose the weight, keep your joints and bones moving and staying healthy is cycling.

Regular exercising schedules become hard as you grow older. Riding bicycle daily is a great way to keep your body strong and active. And playing sports is certainly out of the question because as you age, you become prone to sudden injuries and your bodies are always at risk with many outdoor activities.

Keeping this in mind, seniors should pursue those activities which have a low impact on the body and are aerobic in nature. Low impact exercises will make sure your body is not prone to major injuries and no pressure or stress is exerted on the fragile areas. Bicycling is one of the few activities that seniors can take up with ease. Everyone has access to nature laden roads, trails and streets; an evening cycling activity daily will be a great routine to become fresh and healthy.

Biking will increase the heart rate for sure, because it requires straining of your muscles and organs; they need to work together to perform the activity. But even then, it has a low impact on the body, especially the joints and bones. Your legs are continuously spinning in circles and there is no danger of hitting anything hard.

Cycling may sound a little scary to some people who haven’t touched a bike in ages. But if you have had some experience in the past, cycling is superbly easy to grasp. Have you heard of the expression, “it’s like riding a bike!” ? Well, riding a bike is like… riding a bike! This is a skill you will never forget and after a few tries, you will certainly get the hang of it.

One thing that the baby boomer generation loves is independence. One of the major parts of being independent is to be mobile. Mobility gives you the complete freedom to explore the outer world. It opens up new areas for excursions and socializes.  Many seniors give up driving in the older age. This gives them the perfect chance to reach their destination through cycling and prevent the environment from pollution with this daily routine. You don’t even have to worry about break downs in the middle of the roads or even refueling!

In the market, you’ll find various types of bikes which are budget friendly and safe. It is a great investment which will be used by your grandkids as well.

SOB – Seniors on Bikes

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I bought myself a car the day I retired and since then I am using it every single day.. Clever decision for me!


In my opinion bikes should be a perfect match for anyone.. Why ? Simply because they’ll keep you healthy and fit anytime!

Fernando Brafford

SOB’s LOL. That is good. The first thing that I upgraded when I retired was my bike. I love the freedom of riding the bike. I think we are a good match as well.

Erica Campbell

Its great exercise. I have not ridden a bike in more than 40 years. Now that I am retired, I found it to be one of my favorite things to do each week!

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