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Reservatrol is made from Grapes

All of us like to think that we are doing the best to maintain our health, but often we’re merely fooling ourselves. Sometimes our bodies need that extra boost, that little something extra that we know will help us to maintain a healthy body and the healthy lifestyle. Reservatrol maybe that little boost that all of us are looking for.

Reservatrol was first mentioned in a Japanese article in 1939 by Michio Takaoka. But it really wasn’t until years later, in 2003, when David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School published an article in “Nature” that people began to take a second look at this remarkable substance. Reservatrol is a natural occurring phenol, and a phytoalexin, which is produced in several plants in response to stress caused by injury or disease. These plants include grapes, blueberries, peanuts, raspberries, and mulberries, as well as many less appetizing ones. And what it does for the plant, it may be able to do for you! This substance improves functioning of the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, affecting your body at the most basic level. Interestingly, a study in California has indicated that some forms of autism may be correlated to defects in the mitochondria, which may be improved by reservatrol.

The beneficial cardiac effects of drinking wine, especially red wine, have been known for years. As early as 1992 it was suggested that the naturally occurring reservatrol in the wine, compliments of the grapes from which it is made, was responsible for the cardio protective effect. A study in Connecticut confirmed this, finding that reservatrol can provide significant protection against adverse cardiac events. A Canadian study also showed an increase in endurance along with enhanced cardiac function.

A Korean study has shown that testosterone levels increased by 50 percent after a twenty-eight day regimen of reservatrol. Low levels of testosterone may result in not just a decline in libido, but diminishing physical energy, stamina, and strength.

Reservatrol has also been linked to cancer treatment. Research conducted in France determined that reservatrol slows down the proliferation of cancer cells, and could therefore be considered an effective anti-cancer agent.

Reservatrol has also been shown to benefit various other health conditions. One study in Missouri stated that the substance may slow down the effects of aging on our vision by adversely affecting the growth of blood vessels in our eyes which may damage our eyesight. Research carried out in the United Kingdom found that reservatrol increases blood flow to the brain, enhancing our mental acuity. All of these advantages are delivered in the form of a naturally occurring substance which science is only now beginning to appreciate fully.

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As a recovering alcoholic, I am always glad to read about new research on resveratrol that includes ways to get it other than wine! I know it’s heart healthy, so I’ve been taking it as a supplement for awhile, and I thought it was really interesting to learn (in this article) that it also helps with testosterone levels!


I heard awhile back that, in order to get enough resveratrol from wine to provide any health benefits, that level of alcohol consumption would actually counteract the advantages! Any thoughts on that?


I am 100% sure that resveratrol has definite benefits for people over 60. It affects the activity of enzymes, especially sirtuins which controls aging process of our body. This topic is still subject of debate, but your research is very interesting and I believe you know much about resveratrol.

Michael W Rickard

Steve, I remember reading about resveratrol back around 2009. I heard it occurs in wine (and supplements), but did not know it could also be found in some of the foods listed in the blog (such as grapes, peanuts, etc.) I’m always looking for ways to improve my health, fitness, and the effects of the aging process. I am going to look further into resveratrol in food so I can take advantage of its benefits.

Veronica Freeman

Any information that can keep a person healthy into their 60’s is good information for me. thank you for sharing!


Well, that certainly is something to think about as we all get older, huh? I hear references to this throughout the year, but have never really given much though to it.


I had no idea what Reservatrol was until I read this article, to be honest. I think that it is awesome how it may slow down the effects of aging. Great info!!

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