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“Drink 8 glasses of water everyday.” You probably read this a lot online, on magazines, heard it from your friend or television. Health authorities recommend doing this but you know, this is just a guideline. Why? Simply because our bodies are not all the same. It all depends on every individual: you might need more glasses of water than I do while another person might be fine with just 5 per day. Other factors to consider include health condition, environment, diet, activity, etc. therefore the “Eight-Glass Rule” doesn’t really apply to everyone.

Fact: Water is America's 2nd choice of beverage next to soda.
Fact: Water is America’s 2nd choice of beverage next to soda.

Consequently, if we don’t drink enough water that our body needs, mild dehydration (a loss of 1% – 3% of water in the body) could lead to negative effects like headaches, lack of concentration and some other functions of the brain. This could happen if you sweat a lot from exercise or from heat and mind you, 1% is already a huge chunk. Bottom line is, we need to drink water and since we’re at it, why not throw in some fruits and herbs in your H2O?

Today’s recipe is all about fruit and herb-infused water. One might ask, why do that instead of just drinking fruit juice? There are several reasons:

  • Fruit and herb-infused water tastes lighter compared to those overly sweet and overwhelming taste of most fruit and vegetable juices.
  • Unless you are juicing your own, most fruit juices, specially those branded products from the supermarket contain added sugar even though the label tells you otherwise. Plus, eating the fruit itself gives you fiber.
  • Fruit and herb-infused water doesn’t fill you up since it significantly contains less sugar therefore you will be able to drink more and hydrate more!
  • Satisfies your sweet tooth so you won’t grab a venti from that cafe selling overpriced coffee. Saves you calories and dollars.
Drinkable work of art!

Basically, you can choose any fruit / herb combination. Here are some of my suggestions:

Cucumber + Lemon + Mint


Thinly slice your cucumber, you can keep the peel attached if it’s organic, otherwise peel them. Do the same with your lemon (lime can also be used as a replacement), add in 6-8 leaves of mint.

Blueberry + Lemon + Thyme

Please tell the kids this ain’t an aquarium.

Make sure you washed your blueberries before adding them in! Slice a whole lemon into wedges and slide in 3 -4 sprigs of fresh thyme!

Watermelon + Basil


There are several ways to serve watermelon; you can use a melon baller to have that tapioca pearl look, you can slice them like pizza and dunk it in, or just go cubes! Be sure to remove the seeds!

Rosemary + Grapefruit

Gotta love citrus!

Use half of a grapefruit, slice them up and add a sprig or two of rosemary. Grapefruit can be overwhelming to some so unless you are used to eating this, use just half first in your pitcher.

Pineapple + Mint

Non-alcoholic Piña Colada?

We are eliminating added sugar so please use fresh pineapples and not those that come in cans. Check out this Youtube video on how to cut a pineapple, the fun way.

The possibilities are endless! You can settle with one fruit/herb or combine more than 3 ingredients for a more complex flavor! Our body is made up of 60% water and we lose some of that percentage everyday so it’s just wise to replenish them by drinking water and not soda, not coffee, etc. If you’re gonna be drinking water, might as well throw in some fruits, vegetables or herbs in it so you could get more nutrients right? So there you have it. Drink well, be well, farewell!

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I love fruit infused waters! My granddaughter and I both started doing it; we found these water dispensers that fit in the fridge and we’ve been just adding fruit to them every morning when we fill them up! It’s been a huge help reducing the amount of soda we drink.

Alberto S. Mansfield

Water combined with any fruit or herb, intensifies its advantages. My favorite is mint and pineapple and its nutritional value is awesome. Stay hydrated and stay healthy.


Very nice post! I like the recipe of fruit and herb infused water. It’s very inspiring one, will drink this water from now on.


Thanks Chase for giving out these nice fruit mix up with water ideas. I’ll definitely try out these ways to make water drinking more refreshing.

Brandon Johnson

I tend to go through cycles. Part of the time, I love to drink water, while some of the other time I can stand the taste and I need to flavor it. I am sure it is just a mental thing, but I still try to drink 5-8 glasses of water per day if possible.

Keith Powell

I recently bought a blender with the intention of juicing a lot. All is going well, but of course my imagination is limited. Water infused with fruit and herbs broadens my natural, liquid menu. Thanks

Justin Reynolds

Get a book or download an eBook to give you more ideas for juicing.

John Reeves

Fruit infused water makes so much sense I can not imagine why I did not think of it. The money I have spent buying sugar free, vitamin enriched drinks to keep myself hydrated was obviously wasted. Thanks for the very useful tips.

Robin Michael

I love trying something new as often as possible and with this forum I truly manage to do this.. Thank you, Ray for creating this wonderful online place!!

Peter Smyth

I started adding green tea and sometimes lemon or lime to water just to have some taste in what I was drinking. Plain water was boring, and that made it harder to drink enough to remain dehydrated 24/7. These recipes take what I was doing to a whole new level. Love it!

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