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We all face more stress as we age.
We all face more stress as we age.

Stress is the root of unhealthiness, sleeplessness and the reason for our low productivity. Stress affects our entire routines and is hard to deal with, especially as you grow older and reach your 60s. The problems arise, bringing more worries and lesser solutions with them. With age, the complexity of our issues rises. Be it a financial problem, or a health issue, or a family problem or simply just the thought of our future – all these combine together to produce a cloud of stress.

As you reach your 60s you start to realize that most things are out of your control, very dissimilar to the times when you were young. The world starts becoming more difficult for you to live in, things change a lot, people become more demanding and everything seems 10x speedier. These factors contribute to the development of stress.

But there are various ways to cope with your stressful days and to reduce that grey gloomy cloud to just a thin lingering mist. Even after reaching your 60s, you do have the strength and power to deal with stress!

Focus on the positive: We understand that being positive and hopeful requires a lot of effort. But do not forget that you have lived a long time and observed more than the youngsters around you. You have seen and felt more than they have. You have experienced various ups and downs in your life, with or without your partner. You have fought various ailments and now you stand at this spot. It is a huge achievement for you. You are more than a survivor and you are still as good as ever. Start focusing on the beyond that is ahead of you and stop focusing on the negativity. This will definitely help to de-stress you.

If you want to say no, say it: One of the main problems arise when you keep saying yes to things which you know you would find difficult to accomplish. You find it hard to say no to your family, friends and co-workers but after you reach your 60s, you’ve done enough. Now its time to say no. if something bores you and the people around you are forcing you into something which you don’t like doing, refuse politely but firmly. It’s time to do what you like.

Stop worrying about what others think: Once you reach your 60s, it is high time you understand that the world doesn’t have its eyes on you. Rather everyone is focused on themselves. Stop worrying unnecessarily about your clothes, hairdos, or the wealth and car you have because there is no one watching you. Stop taking others too seriously. It’s time you become comfortable with who you are. After all it did take you 60+ years to make you who you are today.

Forgive and forget: Stop bearing grudges with a neighbor or a relative that you once had a fight with. Bearing grudges and hating on others is over-stressing for your body. It limits your happiness and does more harm to you than them. Learn to forgive and forget their bad deeds.

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After retiring in 1994, I kept myself busy traveling as an online web programmer. Maybe you heard of me, Have Web Sites Will Travel? I then retired for a second time in 2010. Recently to keep busy I started a 3rd career, a career dedicated to me. My full time dedication is to my health and fitness. My job is to research everything to do with health and fitness (Yes, sexual health) and everything else related. I workout 6 times a week, closely monitor my diet and nutrition. I have started an online blog dedicated to the health and fitness of men over 60. So you can see I keep myself very busy, a very necessary component of the life extension goal.

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Cheryl Ryan

Social connection, decreased noise, great sleep/rest are all that I have been using to be more productive during the times of stress but most times it doesn’t work out that easily. glad to find more useful tips here. Thank you Ray.

Shirley Elliott

Amazing tips to deal with stress! It was hard for me to be positive all the times and for this I had to practice my brain. Whenever I face tough time, I deviate my attention to positive things I have in my life. Talking to your close friends and spending time with them also minimizes stress.

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