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Brain Exercising
Brain Exercising

“Turn older without getting boring”. As we age, we gradually lose the capacity of thinking differently yet creatively. But here’s good news for all of you, feed your brain with plenty of creative exercises to keep it healthy. Make yourself live longer by reviving the creative spark lying within you! Staying mentally active is possible when you’re involved in some brainy work be it counting the facts and figures or solving problems.


Log on to and play mind games that are particularly designed to tune your brain well. There are tons of mental puzzles and tricky mazes to keep you busy for several hours. Sudoku, Chess and Crosswords are great conventional options to shape your brain in such age. Gaming pleases children and even oldies too. Moreover, you can try online gaming on your tablet, Xbox, smart phone and desktop too.

Listening Music:

Music is an amazing brain food. Listen to your favorite songs and share your playlist with friends and family. If you’re a music buff, buy an mp3 player or iPod, plug in the earphones and go on an evening walk in the neighborhood. It is a great way to turn your brain responsive and active.

Build a Bigger Social Circle:

Have fun, hangout and try creative things with people around you. Talk about current affairs, play games, plan little getaways, go for a walk together, share the ideas that pop in your mind randomly and have a word with each other to make your brain stay fit and healthy. Learn new things, ask questions, discuss and interact to ensure that you spend your time wisely. If you stay isolated, your brain would turn less responsive.

Get Involved in Artsy Projects

One of the best ways to exercise your brain creatively is by investing your free time in some arts n crafts projects and activity sessions. While you were busy working in the past years, you were missing out the attractive colorful palette. It’s commonly observed that most of the women after turning 60 take up drawing and painting as a hobby and create lovely art pieces and handicrafts. This way you can discover the artist that has been residing within you and you never knew or realized. Simply start with scrapbooking, knit cardigans and socks for your grandchildren. Such creative activities consume time, effort and cognitive awareness that directly affect your brain.

Make it Different

Ever witnessed that two individuals having the exact same way of thinking? Well, this is quite rare in human beings. Give yourself little challenges to enhance the abilities of your brain. Try to think differently and attempt typical tasks in an alternative way. Take a different route to the café, museum or grocery store. Go on an impulsive journey either alone or accompanied with a friend. It is a great way to boost your brain activity.

Pen down your adventures

If you have rich history filled with countless experiences and little adventures, you’re damn lucky. Write down your achievements and the most memorable times of your life in a journal. In fact, start recording your past stories and daily diary to engage your brain. This will make you recall the joyous and wonderful times that you had in your life. Moreover, it will give you brief insight of what you confronted and learned from your life. Lastly, interact and share your personal experiences with your circle as most of them would love to hear it out from you. This is a great writing exercise to keep your brain healthy and active.

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