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Brain Exercising
Brain Exercising

A higher purpose in life has proven to be essential for brain health and continues to improve mental health on a regular basis. The reason is simply the rise in the level of optimism. Optimistic approach is given life by motivation and sense of achievement which is why people who have high aims and have a purpose in life are found to be motivated to live and lead a happy life. On the other hand, living a life with no purpose increases the chances of developing depression and even stroke in some cases. Higher aims guarantee confidence in yourself and once you achieve something, the feeling is great and lets you celebrate the struggle you go through to achieve that aim. Interestingly, the study, which was based on autopsies of 453 seniors, found that people with a strong sense of purpose were 44% less likely to have suffered brain tissue damage during their lives. It is never too late to start giving your life a purpose and live to achieve an aim in life.

How to give your life a purpose?

Ever asked yourself, what is the meaning of your life? If not, it’s time to do that. Nobody can give a meaning to your life but you yourself. What is it that you want to achieve in this life or what is it that you want people to remember you by? There are a number of things that would be popping in your mind when you ask yourself such questions. That is the first step of the journey towards your goal. Your brain cells become active in coming up with ideas and letting you stick to your aim. You will find yourself motivated by your own ideas and protecting your brain from stroke simultaneously.

Positive attitude works as an agent to strengthen your immune system:

That’s right. Your attitude towards life has a huge role in protecting and maintaining your health. Studies have shown that positive thoughts and attitude can not only strengthen your immune system but also decrease pain and chronic disease providing stress relief. Apart from that, it also Reduces Heart Disease Risk and Influences Gene Expression.

Strategies to Boost optimism and boost your brain activity:

  • One of the most popular brain exercises is to simply sit on your couch at the end of the day and try to remember what all you have done during the day. This not only improves your brain activity and memory but also let’s you judge how productive your day has been. You will not be able to make sense of your achievements unless you observe your brain activity.
  • Taking inspiration from other people plays an important role in ones mental growth. If something inspires you, your brain tends to observe what it is that fascinates you and how it is going to affect you. Once you start observing, you start enjoying such qualities and appreciating them. You want to adopt the factors that make you feel satisfied with your own self. Therefore, setting an inspiration always helps in building a purpose in life which in return protects your brain.

How Having Life Purpose Might Help Your Brain

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My grandparents lived til they were nearly 100, and we believe it was because they kept active! Doing things with their hands, reading, even exercising well into their 90s! Grandma was sharp as a tack for nine and a half decades, and she was the kind of woman who always had a new hobby.

Glen Jordan

WOW! This is exactly what happened with me. Just after my retirement, negative thoughts overtook my brain and I started considering myself a useless person for my family. My friend Joe taught me how to live a happy and content life. He advised me to stay strong and don’t relax my body too much. We both, started a new business venture almost nine years ago and found that our brains were smarter than those who were young.. To date, I work 9 hours every day. This keeps me motivated!!


I think that you must find a purpose during every stage of your life.. This way you keep both your mind and your body healthy!

J. Hampton

Perfectly managed to describe how finding your purpose could protect your brain health. I really enjoyed reading such nice entry. Most importantly that video clip is awesome.

Brandon Johnson

Very good point. Having hobbies from the past come back later in life would be a very good thing and I am sure you would enjoy them just as much as the first time around.

peter young

This was a refreshing read. I have always wondered why I’ve been fortunate when it comes to memory retention and mental alertness when so many people my age suffer various mental issues. I attributed it to good luck, clean living and maybe genetics. After reading this article I can add always having a purpose in life. I set goals, strive to attain them even though it means making sacrifices. Once I am where I want to be I a new goal and do it all over again. Ironic if this is the reason for my mental acuity. It will mean… Read more »


I believe that it is amazing.. When you are young you are trying to find your path, you look everywhere for answers and for a purpose until you find them. When you are older this habit returns.. Great article as always!!

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