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fruit-juice-1332072_640In my family, there are juicers and blenders. We’re a bunch of health nuts—always shopping farmer’s markets for the best produce to fit our nutritious drinks. (You might call us a bit crazy.)

A few years ago I was pulled onto the juicing train and never really looked back.
Have you tried juicing? Tell us about it.x
A family member fixed me a citrus-banana juiced drink and, just like that, I was hooked.

You might be wondering what juicing is. This is when water, nutrients and fiber are extracted from the produce. Without the fiber, your digestive system doesn’t have to work so tirelessly to break down nutrients, but your body has a much easier time digesting the fruits and vegetables. It’s a good method to get produce into your system if you have a sensitive and cranky stomach (like I always have had). You just have to be careful not to juice fruits too often. This could lead to a spike in blood sugar, which eventually could lead to diabetes.

Blending, on the other hand, is more the style of smoothies and shakes. These smoothies consist of the whole fruit or vegetable (and its nutrients). When you blend the fruit, the fiber inside it breaks apart. This makes it easier for the digestive system to handle. It’s also a better method if you want to avoid high blood sugar spikes. This is because it releases the nutrients in your bloodstream, but does so at a more moderate pace.

What I enjoy best about my smoothies is how much energy I get from them. I usually combine 2-3 fruits and vegetables per smoothie, sometimes fixing it at night and having it for the morning. I usually choose powerhouse fruits such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries. Adding in raspberries and blackberries just makes it taste twice as good. Before you add anything to your juicer or blender, however, always wash your food. This ensures that you get most of the pesticides off your food before you consume it.

If you want to detox your body (but have never really tried), juicing and blending may be the way to go. As adults, we each need 3-5 fruits and vegetables a day. Who’s going to sit and manually eat that many a day? Not me. That’s why I put mine in a juicer. Experiment with your favorite produce first. From my personal experience, spinach and kale have a bland taste—as do carrots. But you can add in just about anything. If you get into a routine of juicing, you’re going to find that body feels much healthier and stronger.

The equipment you use is also important. There’s a wide variety of juicers that have different features. A juicer might extract the pulp of the fruit, for instance, for you to use in pancakes or cookies. The Vitamix is among the best I have found. It allows me to blend my fruits and vegetables into a smoothie that I refrigerate. Why do I refrigerate? Because when I get done blending it is warm—and who wants to drink a warm smoothie? If you’re venturing into juicers and blenders, try a couple of each. Find out what you like before you commit; then, watch your health take off as your body transforms as juicing helps kick your weight loss in gear.

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