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The late Broadcast Pioneer Peter Jennings, wrote on ‘how to gain weight effortlessly.’ Actually, if you consume SAD (standard American diet) it is literally a guarantee that you will inevitably gain more pounds even if you consider what you are consuming healthy.

Today, a whole 2/3 of Americans are obese or overweight and obesity in children has tripled in the last 30 years. The agricultural system in America might be coveted by a lot of states that are not as rich; however, a lot of accidental outcomes are present, stated Jennings.

USDA Food Pyramid and Its Impacts

One of these is a food system which encourages cheap food which mostly lacks nutrients and has a lot of unhealthy ingredients; this has led to the huge rise of obesity levels.

Similar to a lot of people, you are possibly unaware of the connection between nutrition and agricultural funding. This vital fact is exposed in Jennings’ report; this is a huge component of the issue.

The state’s nutritional guidelines are directly connected to this problem; and are hugely portrayed by these similar agricultural subsidies, instead of being founded on concrete nutritional science.

The first food pyramid formed and endorsed by USDA (US department of Agriculture) informed you that your diet’s foundation should be made up of pasta, breads and grains, even though evidence indicates that grains that split in your body to become sugar encourages build up of fat. This leads to related illnesses such as heart ailments, cancer and diabetes.

In brief, you are advised to turn grains into your main diet as farmers in the US are paid to grow these. A lot of it is available; however, in comparison to foods such as vegetables which are healthier, it is cheaper and few subsidies are provided for it.

Version from Dr. Louise Light

Dr Light was USDA’s Dietary Guidance and Nutrition Education Research Director. She was employed to assist in enhancing the food pyramid’s latest dietary guidelines from the state.

Dr Light advised that the pyramid’s base be packed with between five and nine fruit and vegetable servings every day. It was advised that grains be served in only three or four servings each day, from whole sources.

It was recommended that oils like flaxseed oil and olive oil be consumed at four tablespoons each day. Sugar comes top in the pyramid, however, it comes least recommended and it was advised for it to be lower than 10% of an individual’s everyday calories.

Dr Light handed in her work and the committee reverted with what we considered to be our state’s food pyramid. This is an extract from Dr Light:

“As USDA nutritionists we advise 5-9 base servings of fresh vegetables and fruits each day. It was however, substituted with only 2 to 3 servings. Two years after this, it was altered to 5 to 7 servings due to an anti-cancer campaign by National Cancer Institute, a different government agency which compelled USDA to embrace the higher standard.

‘Our suggestion of 3 to 4 everyday servings of cereals and whole grain breads was altered to a whole serving of 6 to 11, creating the Food Pyramid’s base as a compromise in regard to the industries for processed corn and wheat.’

Furthermore, my nutritionist team had included baked items prepared with white flour such as sweets, crackers, and other foods of low nutrient full of fats and sugars on top of the pyramid, advising for them to be consumed in moderation.

We were shocked to note that the ‘changes’ of the Food Guide was now a section of the base of the Pyramid. Also, in another insult on dietary judgment, alterations were made to the dietary guidelines’ words from ‘eat less’ to ‘avoid too much.’ This approved the interest of industries of processed food by not restricting ‘fun’ or ‘junk’ foods which might have an impact on food companies.

However, this mild wording of the changed guidelines elicited annoyed answers from the food industry as well as their Congressional supporters who thought that the USDA ‘farmers’ department’ should not be dictating to the public to consume less of something, such as meat, sugar, eggs and saturated cholesterol and fat.

‘I strongly objected that the alterations, if adhered to, could cause an outbreak of diabetes and obesity and had no justification, either health wise or in terms of nutrition. To my surprise, I was the only one with this opinion since my colleagues seemed to embrace the decision reached on ‘policy level.’

‘Despite my protests, the Food Guide Pyramid was concluded, even though it just became public in 1991, 12 years after this. However, it looks like my caution has become reality.”

What does eating healthier entail? The USDA guidelines have been ingrained in our brains since we were in school, as healthy eating. Some years back when I started my studies on how to enhance my health using nutrition, I began to doubt how effective these guidelines were.

Dr Light made a prediction that a food recommendation with grain servings of six to eleven would cause a rise in diabetes and obesity. However, it was a lot worse than she believed, with levels of cancer now incessantly rising each year.

I dispute her recommendation of whole grains servings of three to four; however, I still dispute that we would not possess the morbidity available to us currently if we ate 50% of the grains servings which are advised in the official pyramid and consumed double the vegetables and fruits together with a diet rich in healthy fats and animal meat.

The abandoned food pyramid by Dr Light was begun in the 1980s; however, I think it is a great point to begin. We can use the awareness we have acquired over the past thirty years and more and make the correct alterations that are more suitable to our wellbeing. Diets will always differ with individuals, so kindly remember this and at all times be open minded and query everything.

Do not simply believe what someone says and this obviously includes me!

Traditional Farming Encourages Eating of Unhealthy Foods

There is no dispute that contemporary agricultural performances encourage the eating of an unhealthy diet. The current high rate of diabetes, obesity and heart ailments can be linked directly to alterations in the way our food has been produced and grown over the previous 40 years.

EWG (Environmental Working Group 1) states that between 1995 and 2010, only 10% of American Farmers compiled 74% of all subsidies, totaling to almost $166 billion in a span of 16 years.

These subsidies from the farm offer you fast food, corn syrup (high-fructose), monoculture, animal factories and a huge range of other suppliers to our unhealthy modern diet.

A report making comparisons of federal subsidies of junk food and fresh produce organized by US PIRG which is a non-profit organization that handles particular interests on the public’s behalf, disclosed the real destination of your tax dollars and it is very appalling.

If you were to directly get a federal subsidy each year directly, you would get $7.36 to use on junk food and only 11 cents to purchase apples. Equally shocking is the statistic derived from an interview recently with Michael Pollan where he stated that the USDA data says that 92 cents of every food dollar currently goes to another person and not the farmer.

In reality, it is spent on the numerous procedures for packaging and manufacturing linked with processed foods.

In my following article, I will talk about the way a food pyramid should be set up.

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Josh Hill

Times change and a lot of research has been done. I think they should revise these kind of important information regularly.


I remember the food pyramid when I was in school way back in the day. My school must have gotten a deal on them because they were on the walls in the gym change rooms, in home economics classrooms, in the lunchroom and who knows where else. Yes, today most people would agree they are backwards or upside down.

Jimmy G.

I’d noticed that the food pyramid endorsed by the USDA was upside down from what I had read about nutrition vs fitness. Thanks for clearing that up.

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