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How a Food Pyramid Truly Appears, Founded on Nutritional Science

In an endeavor to correct the situation, I have formed my personal food pyramid for ultimate health. My pyramid is founded on nutritional science that does not support industry lobby work and agricultural subsidies. It is nearly the first USDA food pyramid’s opposite, consisting of healthy vegetables at the base.

Once more, a lot of people would gain from attaining a minimum of 50% of their everyday calories from healthy fats like nuts, raw butter, coconut oil and avocados. In regard to amount or volume, vegetables should be the main element of your meal. Veggies offer numerous essential nutrients but have low calories.

Next are proteins of high quality and after this, modest quantities of fruits. Lastly, you will get sugars and grains at the uppermost section. This final top layer of grains and sugars can be removed completely (this is removed from my personal diet) and each person near you may possibly covet your diet…

To some, this might sound unattainable; I can confirm that it is possible to give up carbs. Actually, after managing to make a change and burning fat instead of burning carbs as your body’s main fuel, carb yearnings really go away, like magic. These two main methods of attaining this change in metabolism and the plans below sustain one another when integrated.

Intermittent Fasting

I favor intermittent fasting; however, you may also fast twice a week if you like or every two days. A lot of different variations exist. For effectiveness, where everyday intermittent fasting is concerned, the duration of your fast should be a minimum of eight hours in length.

This entails eating just between 11 am up to 7pm, for instance. In essence, this is equal to just missing breakfast and turning lunch into your day’s first meal instead.

A Ketogenic Diet

This kind of diet where you substitute carbs with low to modest quantities of protein of high quality and large quantities of beneficial fat is what I advise for each person and is precisely what you attain if you if you concentrate on my pyramid’s lower three tiers.

A Combination Diet

This is where you carry out ketogenic as well as intermittent fasting. I do this in my diet.

Other Horrible Health Advice Which Promotes Levels of Obesity and Illness

Do not be mistaken; obesity stems from a way of life that comprises of choices that are improper. Sadly, our state has spent years propagating information which is astonishingly incorrect about health and diet.

In a lot of ways, the US has turned into almost an advocate of misinformation from companies. Below is simply a small sample of the persistent incorrect data on obesity and weight, distributed by our state agencies:

‘All sugars are the same, and are healthy when controlled.’

On this factor, the science is tremendously explicit. For instance, each cell in your body uses glucose, so it burns up a large quantity of it; however, fructose, is changed into FFAs (free fatty acids) and VLDL (the destructive kind of cholesterol) and triglycerides which are kept as fat.

In addition, your liver carries the whole load of metabolizing fructose which forms a lengthy list of toxins and waste products such as a huge quantity of uric acid which makes blood pressure rise and leads to gout. It promotes visceral fat as well.

When you consume 120 calories of glucose, lower than a single calorie is kept as fat. 120 fructose calories end up in 40 calories being kept as fat. I normally recommend sustaining your overall fructose consumption to lower than 25 grams each day or a small quantity of 15 grams each day in case you have diabetes, insulin resistance, heart ailments and high blood pressure or are overweight.

‘Simply use up more calories than you consume, to shed weight’

This old-fashioned advice has been portrayed as totally untrue since all calories are formed the same. In short, calculating calories is not going to assist you to shed weight if you are eating the inappropriate types of calories.

‘Selecting diet foods will assist you shed weight’

Substances such as Splenda or sucralose and Equal or aspartame (NutraSweet) might not contain any calories; however, this does not fool your body. When it obtains a ‘sweet’ flavor it anticipates calories to follow and when this fails to happen, it causes disruptions in your biochemistry which really causes increase in weight.

‘Keep away from Saturated Fat to Safeguard Your Heart’

The belief that saturated fat leads to heart ailment started as simply a marketing gimmick for Crisco cooking oil which is not scientifically proven. Majority of individuals really require around 50% to 70% of their diet as healthy fats from avocados, coconut oil, organic, grass fed beef, pastured eggs and real butter so as to enhance their health.

‘In regard to cholesterol levels, it is better when it is low to prevent heart ailment.’

Cholesterol is really not the main cause of heart ailment or any illness and the tips which state the number your levels of cholesterol should be so as to sustain your health are full of contradictions and at no time have they been verified to be healthy for you. In the meantime, your cholesterol levels are lowered, leading to crucial health implications such as mood swings, violence and funny enough, heart ailment.

‘Yes, it is possible to lose weight effortlessly.’

After you discover the source of the issue, which starts with farming subsidies which are founded on finances and are not connected to developing foods for the public that are rich in nutrients, this in turn forms dietary suggestions which are also founded on industry benefit different from nutritional science.

It then becomes simpler to comprehend why a whole 2/3 of Americans are obese or overweight. The industry of junk food also sponsors and teaches registered dietitians!

Unfortunately, these dietary suggestions which are very wrong encourage the state’s negative health scores and encourage the health industry which is currently immense; this is in turn operated by the pharmaceutical industry…it is truly a huge vicious cycle.

In a nutshell, you can free yourself!

Maybe one of the strongest findings to appear in the last several years is the ancient saying ‘a calorie is a calorie’ which is blatantly untrue. The studies clearly show that even if you manage the quantity of calories you consume, if those calories originate mainly from grains and fructose, chances of you are suffering from obesity as well as pre-diabetes is increased.

This is inclusive of insulin as well as fatty liver, leptin resistance, high triglycerides and high blood pressure. Leptin resistance and insulin in turn create the basis for literally each chronic disease which comes to your mind such as cancer and heart ailment.

Therefore, the solution is to rotate the usual food pyramid on its head and drastically lower or get rid of literally all sugars particularly fructose as well as grains. This will have a great impact in avoiding the build-up of too much fat. But, so as to be very useful, you should ensure you are substituting the refined carbs with healthy fats and vegetables.

You are now embarking on a diet which will let your body move to burning carbs from burning fat or ketones as its main fuel. Weight reduction is the sole benefit you are going to acquire at this point. Convincing studies indicate that this kind of diet, also known as a ketogenic diet is a useful avoidance and treatment plan for cancer.

Intermittent fasting is another strong element which will assist you to change your body from getting most of its fuel from glucose kept as glycogen in your liver and muscles to the fat kept in your tissues. This is among the most efficient methods I know of burning extra fat in the body and get rid of cravings for sugar. These things are within your reach and you have the power to do this.

Next, I encourage you to participate in altering the system which has taken us to this sad part of our development. An effective method of eating extremely healthy and affordably is producing sprouts in your residence.

Altering your shopping trends by encouraging local agriculture is not just going to assist in enhancing your health; it is also going to assist in enhancing the surroundings and bring back our urban population.

One method of participating is to just purchase additional food from the farmers in your neighborhood. It is vital to comprehend the effect you have when you use up your money on factory food which is processed. I encourage you as well to provide support to the Environmental Working Group in its present endeavors to use the farm bill to restore America’s policies for farm and food.

The present guidelines for the U.S. government, persists in asking us to reduce our food consumption and workout more. Since the beginning of the 1990s this has been the recommendation when the Food Pyramid became normal for the U.S. However, two decades after this, the state we are in is worse than previously.

This has made media outlets and social media to hold carbohydrates responsible for the obesity prevalence. Some months back, an article was even published in Time magazine holding carbs responsible for the present obesity issue.

However, carbs and calories as well, are not responsible. Instead, the issue is the foods we select and the origin of this issue stems from the USDA’s guidelines.

The USDA Method is Not Effective

Most of us go for foods which are extremely tasty and simple to eat in excess. Examples of these foods are pastas and breads. Foods which are listed by United States Department of Agriculture are also placed at the Food Pyramid’s base and are currently called MyPlate.

USDA MyPlate
USDA’s MyPlate Diet Recommendations

When you to ‘Choose MyPlate,’ you will get a tab marked ‘Healthy Eating Tips.’ This tab provides details that we require, to obtain all foods servings in every group and maintain limited calories. (Precise calories require being established via USDA’s SuperTracker). The site for MyPlate states also that one piece of pizza falls under servings in many groups of food.

Quote from Choose MyPlate Guide of Mixed Dishes

The USDA started distributing these guidelines in 1992. From the present condition of the state, I believe we can conclude that this technique is ineffective and might really be a section of the issue. For the people who really consider this as the step to take, I advise you to consume foods on that list contained in your range of calories and observe the result. Your weight might be sustained; however, I am sure some nutritional deficits exist which cause unfavorable health outcomes at one point. It is my desire to be wrong, as I would adore eating lasagna and pizza as main foods in my diet also.

Extra Nutrients, Not Less Calories

The USDA list does not mention micronutrients at all. It is my belief that we can simply take a multivitamin each day and be all right; is this right? Associations between food and the body of humans might exist, which we are not yet aware of.

We go on gaining more knowledge about gut bacteria and its associations with food. We are revealing additional information also, regarding the epigenetic gene expression originating from food.

Wouldn’t it be better for us if we organized the standards of the government where foods are arranged according the ones containing the highest nutrients per calorie?

Particularly being aware that nutrient shortage and reducing calories causes hunger. Using this technique, we would eat to our satisfaction and ensure that each of our nutritional requirements are fulfilled first; this would raise our energy and mood which would consequently raise our rate of physical activity.

The Issue of Overeating

Overeating is an issue and calculating calories is not a solution. Why? Firstly, estimates for calorie intake are simply a guess. When you follow a ballpark figure, you will possibly get outcomes which are confusing.

In addition, we burn calories differently; each person is different. This is the reason researches consistently indicate varied burned calories at rest in the same categories given similar diets to eat.

This equation of calories also does not deal with the kinds of food we are consuming. Protein is more difficult to keep as fat compared to fat and sugar. This is interesting as we are advised to reduce protein consumption because of the apprehension of animal products leading to heart ailment.

The study is extremely explicit that heart ailment is not caused by saturated fat; however, even if we consider it disputable, there is no doubt that being overweight without question leads to a rise in heart ailment.

Also, foods like lasagna, breads and pizza cause dependency. They are simple to eat in excess, without being aware. What about broccoli? Not a lot. Obesity poses a risk for each of the chronic ailments afflicting our society, such as cancer, diabetes and heart ailment as well as ailments like Alzheimer’s.


Is it not right that if we altered the dietary guidelines, spread awareness to the public and reduced the number of obesity that other illnesses of Western society would also reduce as well? I consider this assumption as correct.

Prior to exerting yourself at the gym each day and taking up time to calculate calories, attempt concentrating on foods which are richer in nutrients. Consume huge quantities of fruits, vegetables and great sources of protein.

Your health and waistline will eventually be grateful to you!


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Teresa C. Negrete

You are doing a great job by spreading awareness to people regarding their health and fitness. I’ve finally formulated a calories chart on the basis of my daily routine. The diet plan is working very well for me so far. You guys are awesome and I recommend this blog to everyone who is in search of finding anti-aging methods.

Melissa Doyle

There are workable solutions to lose weight and without doing physical exercise. I didn’t believe these options until I tried them myself. Diet is the root cause of gaining weight. Revisit your dietary habits to get rid of extra weight.

Brett L.

Worth reading this post. Most importantly that video regarding food pyramid is very informative. To make a perfect food plan for daily eating I think here provided each info will be very helpful.

Wang L.

The video ‘Real Food: The Best Diet’ brings up a good point I have never been able to understand. Maintaining a poor diet, such as drinking a Big Gulp while eating a junk food restaurant’s questionable burger and fries, is cheaper than a bottle of water and a salad. It’s almost as if there is a concentrated effort to force people to eat poorly if they’re on a limited budget. And the point about consumption of sweetened food and beverages is spot on I think. I come from a background where there was little artificial food, let alone fake sweetener,… Read more »

Jack R.

Based on what I have read on this website and others relating to health and wellness for seniors and healthy eating in general, the USDA has not gotten much right over the 6 decades I have been alive. I prefer to research and arrive at my own conclusions now.

Geneva Rapp

I prefer to mix things up just as much. If I keep eating the same things over and over, there is not going to be a good end result. These are good tips!

Al Hopkins

Great post. I think it is criminal what the FDA lets food processors get away with. But then it is the American version of democracy that lets an industry buy the favors of lawmakers. Food, beverages and drugs are as much a buyer beware item as real estate is.

Al Hopkins

Great post. I think it is criminal what the FDA lets food processors get away with. But then it is the American version of democracy that lets an industry buy the favours of

Eddie Johnson

I have not checked out parts 1 or 2 but will. This was great info! Thanks for the insight.


What I do to not eat too much.. I have different meal I choose 1. Soup + meat/salads 2. Rice + meat + salads 3. Meat + salads I removed for some time from my meals potatoes, pasta, flour and other bad things. I do hover eat them again but in limited quantities. I recommend to make meal schedule for half a year or year. For instance 2 months of healthy food 90% and 10% not so healthy. Next month 70% healthy and 30% left for other. And then back to more healthy.. This way you don’t get so bored… Read more »

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