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Eye Health
Eye health

There are various ailments and diseases that one acquires with old age, as our bodies weaken so do our senses and it will only be unrealistic to expect the youthful vision you once had in your old age. With an unhealthy vision, a person is bound to have trouble with recognizing faces, in reading, with driving around and even shopping. Visiting an eye specialist and seeking professional medical attention in this regard is very important, most of the symptoms that arise with a poor vision are attributed from some under lying condition, which needs a timely diagnosis and treatment.

Low Vision:

Low vision is bound to come with time, but vision loss is rare and is a result of either an eye related injury or disease. Why vision loss is a pressing matter as we age is because, the loss of vision gets in the way of our daily routines, making everyday tasks a little more difficult and the intensity of this condition varies from individual to individual. Some injuries can be very serious leading to a loss of peripheral or central vision and many more symptoms. The most common symptoms associated with low vision include hazy vision, night blindness and a constant blurry vision.

Systemic health problems

Systemic health problems are the primary contributors in eye health, conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure that were not diagnosed in time, or treated in midlife, can greatly affect eye health. One of the most obvious warning signs which is associated with both diabetes and high blood pressure is a frequent change in one’s ability to see things. Medication and nutritional supplements, as well as dietary changes and exercising can help enhance and improve eye health.

How to have good eye health:

Have a balanced diet:

Balanced diet is a key to unraveling many health problems and issues, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables high in iron and proteins are a great source of sharp sight.

Don’t take chances:

It is irrefutably important to minimize the risk and chances of falls, an old person is much more likely to fall on account of age and changes in balance and vision.
You must eliminate or reduce the risks of injuries, for almost 60% of the total reported eye injuries across the globe especially in people over 60 are an aftermath of a fall or an accident.

Every household must have a pair of protective eye-wear:

Most of these injuries happen around homes, especially during home improvement projects, these injuries can be prevented with the usage of protective eye-wear.

A proper sleep:

It is very important to have a proper sleep and if you use any contacts you must put them off before going to sleep. Naturally, our eyes lubricate and clear out irritants namely allergens, dust or even smoke, which may have accumulated as we used our eyes, all day round.


Healthy eye sight, needs good blood circulation, and normal weight also aids in an improved health care. Gentle exercise such as walking, some yoga and breathing exercises are just what you need to stay in shape and have a good vision.

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Though I’ve worn glasses for decades, my eyesight did not change for several years. I thought I’d finally reached a point where my astigmatism wouldn’t get any worse. I didn’t understand that there are other contributing factors to my eyesight, especially as I continue to age. Really helpful article.

Charles Fields

Elderly people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetics should be very careful about their eyes. The side effects of diabetics are very critical for eyes. Balanced diet and proper sleep can contribute for better health of your eyes.


Thanks for sharing good eye health information. I believe not only older persons but also every adult also need to follow the information provide to improve eye health.

Justin Reynolds

Eye health is one thing and even though you can get around you entire life with good eyes, the odds are good that you will see a change in your eyes at some point.


Another good post by Shane! It’s common when people gets aged the eye vision slowly reduces. It’s good to know at young age what to do after 60 to keep eye health very strong.

Brandon Johnson

The sun can really do damage to your eye so wear sunglasses when you can. My parents have always told me this and I stand by that. These are also very good tips!

Paul Steve

It is common for people over 60 to have eye problems and it also happened to me a few years ago and since then I have been fighting with them but at 63 I believe that it is quite normal.. Thank you for this information!!

Lester Johns

I have never had good eyesight but fortunately it has not deteriorated much in my 62 years. What has gotten worse though is the number of floaters that cross my line of sight, especially when I am looking at a light colored surface. Very annoying and they seem to be incurable.

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