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Brain Scans
Brain Scans

Aging is not scary but being healthy when you are aging, especially when you cross the 60’s is not as difficult to achieve as one would think. The biological reasons behind healthy aging are not known yet. Aging well and free of issues doesn’t only depend on genetics but various other factors facilitate healthy aging as well, according to scientific researches.

One’s personality and how they observe life is highly essential when it comes to healthy aging. This means that you need to learn to take control of your life and steer it on the path of positivity.

What matters the most when you reach your 60’s? At that point of your life, you want to achieve a lot and you find ways to contribute to the society in your own way. The main thing is to not let yourself believe that you are OLD. 60 is just a number and you still have plenty of years ahead.

Following are 5 personality traits observed in people aged 60+ who are aging healthily and are providing the best input to society.

Discipline: For the most part of your life, before you reach the 60’s you are living a life which is dominated by other people. Whether it is a boss or a child, you are always fulfilling the needs and wishes of another person. After 60’s your kids leave you and you have no job to worry about. In other words, you are free. It is important that one disciplines themselves and design a schedule and answer to their selves.

Passions: after 60’s due to the freedom ahead, you have a lot of time to finally pursue your passions. What really gets your brain cells hyperactive and lets your creativity flow through you? Pursuing a passion is important as it keeps you busy and active. You won’t feel alone or bored and scientifically it improves your cognitive ability and health.

Urge for adventure: It has been observed that people who age healthily are ardent lovers of adventure. Get into a habit of daily walking to a nearby park or beach. Go to your favorite café and spend an hour there. Observe the speedy life passing by. Take some risks and do not avoid them. You can now talk to strangers with full confidence. Find new ways to explore new things because it will change your aging experience.

Forgiveness: As a person who has reached 60, you are hurt plenty of times by then. You experience several moments of anger and frustration over people who have done you wrong. But what is the point in doting over it anymore than is necessary? Why depreciate yourself and stress over it? Learn to forgive and move on. Let the past be past and ignore the mistakes of people.

Generosity: Generosity is a trait that helps you find solace at any age of life. It makes you extremely happy and is best for healthy aging. Join some charity organization and involve in spreading smiles. You can help your community through this and become a mentor for others. You have learned your part and lessons; now teach others what you have learned.

Jay Leno chats with 100 year old lady with personality to spare!

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Cecile mann

Really nice video, old people are really cool people to talk to. One can learn a lot from them and share from their experience.

Katherine Austin

Discipline is the best trait which makes our life stress free. Doing every work timely lessens complications and therefore results into a stress free life. Don’t be panic about what you don’t have, be thankful to God for what He has blessed you with.


Man that video is totally cool. That lady is a great inspiration to people who are aging older.

Justin Reynolds

Totally awesome video! I love to talk with older people because they have seen and been through so much and love to tell stories.

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