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apples-490474_640 2Most of our body’s fat takes up residency around our stomach. This is where our digestive system and our intestines are located. It’s also where we feel the most bloated. Bloating often occurs when we eat too much fat, too much sodium or have a lack of healthy foods in our diet. But there ways to reverse this. Incorporating these foods into your diet can help you feel less bloated, getting you on the track to better health.

First, start eating leafy greens. Foods such as celery are gentle on the body’s digestive system. They help to regulate the digestive system so that it keeps working like it should. This lessens a person’s chances of experiencing constipation or diarrhea. Celery is also a food that detoxes the body. This means that it clears the body of toxins that may, over time, make us ill. The best way to eat it is to eat it raw. It’s super-packed with fiber that’s going to jump start your immune system.

Watermelon is also a juicy, water-based food to eat. In fact, it’s made up of nearly 90 percent water. Within this fruit is a rich source of potassium that’s going to help decrease your bloat. Watermelon also improves your eyesight, promotes healthy weight loss and keeps your kidneys healthy. In addition, it helps to improve a person’s circulation if they have a lifestyle that doesn’t promote active exercise.

In addition, try eating juicy apples. Apples have the superpower to reduce bloating while keeping your bowels in working order. This reduces constipation and diarrhea. Apples, also, help to reduce a person’s high cholesterol and helps supercharge their immune system. Once a person starts to get wiser in their years, apples are proactive in preserving memories and cognition. They’re a perfect fruit to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and help you to stay sharp.

Moving on, bananas help keep your weight down and reduce bloat. It turns out that bananas are very good for the intestines and the digestive tract. If you are overweight, for instance, drink bananas with skim milk and it will help reduce your weight. It also helps sooth the stomach when someone has ate too much acidy foods. On another note, the high potassium found in bananas helps benefit people who suffer from heart-related illnesses. It puts them at less risk for a heart attack.

Eating tomatoes is a healthy way to avoid bloating. Potassium is found within tomatoes which helps to reduce the bloating found within the stomach. Tomatoes have also been found to regulate a person’s appetite. This helps them to reduce their cravings and lose weight in a more modest way. In addition, eating tomatoes helps to prevent anaemia. It also helps to reduce stress, which boosts the immune system and keeps a person’s heart strong. This lowers a person’s chances of ever encountering a heart attack or stroke. Finally, it helps to detox the body, purifying the blood and ridding it of disease that may make us seriously ill.

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This is a great article, but I’m actually not a huge fan of fruit for some reason. Any other veggies, aside from tomatoes?

Ray Plumlee

Here are a few non-fruit options: Asparagus, Ginger, Yogurt, Turmeric and Rosemary and Celery. These may be a pit counter-intuitive but Beans and Lentils.

Ray Plumlee
Over 60 Health Info

Robert Garrett

Unfortunately bloating is something most people deal with as they grow older, but this article really give a real good solution to that. However, I want to ask if banana helps in maintaining sexual prowess in men. Thanks

Hugh Sellers

Jennifer, thanks for the information on dealing with bloating. A couple older ladies at church were discussing this problem and seemed at a loss how to deal with it. I am going to tell them about your tips. Personally, I always wondered if celery had any use in nutrition. It seems like such a useless vegetable. However, it apparently can be very helpful when dealing with bloating. Anyone concerned with the aging process and health-related issues for those over 60 should try eating more of the fruit listed here.

Maria E. Gunderson

Very nice advice. I need to share it with my husband who doesn’t like apples and bananas. Though doctor has advised him to eat bananas because they contain potassium, but he doesn’t like them at all.

Travis Falcon

This is a very good post. So many people can learn about bloating from this and what foods actually help…..or not 🙂


It is nice that these foods are on my favorites list 🙂 That sure makes dieting and being healthy much easier.


There is a lot of talk regarding whether someone is bloated or gaining weight in the belly area. There is a lot of information that says it comes down to what you eat. Thank you very much for the tips here!

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