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Man Getting Massage
Man Getting Massage

Our bodies take a lot of wear and tear. During the day, while we’re sitting, our muscles have a tendency to get stiff or sore. Our posture may not always be the greatest. If we slouch too much, this starts to effect our spine, leaving us with non-reversible damage. Massage is not a cure, but it can assist in taking all these aches and pains away from our bodies. Here’s all the benefits you can expect when you walk into your appointment.

Above all else, it helps a person relax and eases muscle pain. Our muscles get sore for any number of reasons. We lifted the grandkids too much or we spent too much time in the garden planting flowers. The tender touch of massage can loosen up the knots and coils that have gotten into your muscles. An added benefit: it helps increase blood flow and circulation to those areas of the body. It soothes the muscles, allowing them to be more receptive to taking in oxygen.

A relaxing massage also helps relieve a person’s anxiety or depression. Most people close their eyes when they’re on the massage table, resting their head on their hands beneath them. They let anxiety leave their mind as they focus on the massage and the friendly conversation. Studies have shown that those who continuously get massages have fewer anger issues, while adopting more of an optimistic attitude.

Furthermore, those that receive massages often sleep better. It’s easy to lose sleep to anxiety, but this is not the case for someone that receives regular massages. Since anxiety is often stripped away, when a person goes to sleep, their mind is more open and free. They don’t seem as restless as they once were, giving them a more positive outlook on the world around them.

Another helpful benefit is that it boosts a person’s immune system. It’s straight forward how this would fall in line and help sharpen your body’s reception to massage. When we’re stressed out and anxious, colds and other viruses come more frequent. This is because stress tears down our immune system. Think of our immune system as a wall and stress as a tornado—or anything left to your imagination. What do you do after a tornado? You rebuild. So, massage is that effort to rebuild your immune system—making it strong and helping you to stay healthy.

Finally, massage helps people to find relief of headaches. There’s nothing worse than the feeling of a pounding head, knowing you have a busy agenda for the day. But look no farther than massage. If you can’t afford to get to a massage therapist, massage the temple points right to the side of each eye. Massage your forehead and behind your ears. It may even help to put both hands on the back of your head and massage your scalp. Make sure you massage these areas gently, stopping if the pain gets worse. Massage is a wonderful tool and it’s going to help your body stay strong. Give it a try today if you have always been on the fence about it.

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sara rox

Massaging is just something that is a great therapy for anyone, not just older people. It is something that can be used to free people of pain in the muscles. Even after a long day of work, massaging is a great therapy to ease the mental stress that a person is feeling. I know a lot of benefits of massaging but I never knew that it could be something that could help a person sleep. I feel like this is beneficial for me to know because a lot of times I have trouble sleeping at night.

Frank Dunn

For sure, massage is good for health, but choose an expert (certified) massage therapist. After 50 if you feel tired after doing routine task, massage is a good solution to go with. It relaxes your body and you feel healthier. Stay strong with a massage, at least once a month.


I find videos added to articles extremely useful all the time, dear Jennifer.. Thank you for your great posts!

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