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heart-care-1040248_640A few years ago, one of my family members became diabetic. Before they were diagnosed, they drank several diet sodas a day. And, after the diagnosis, this has ceased to change. While many may believe diet soda is better, this type of soda is actually far worse than a regular soda. It’s because diet soda contains artificial sweeteners that make our body react in a way that still wants more. Here’s some of the top reasons you should kick the cola to the curb.

First, the artificial sweeteners are harder on our body than real sugar. They are much stronger and, over time, they have the ability to dull our senses. We’re less inclined to eat healthy fruits and vegetables the more diet soda plays a role in our daily diet. Why? It’s the same reason we crave salt or sodium. With these artificial sweeteners, our body develops an addiction. We start to get cravings for them and, if we go without them, we get a bit jittery.

A myth about diet soda is that it won’t cause you to gain weight. The truth is, all soda will cause you to gain weight—diet or not. While diet soda may be calorie-free, studies believe that the artificial sugars are to blame. Those that drink at least two diet sodas a day and less of a chance to exercise are more likely to have a wider waistline. In contrast, those that drink diet soda only in moderation and have more physical activity are more likely to have a smaller waist.

Furthermore, as in the case with my family member, diet soda puts individuals at a higher risk of encountering type 2 diabetes. It raises your blood sugar and your cholesterol, putting you at risk for heart disease, stroke or a heart attack. Just the occasional 20-ounce diet soda won’t make this risk spike, but times the diet soda by three daily and you have a good chance of it. I don’t enjoy doctors poking me uncomfortably, and I’m sure you don’t either—so cut down on your diet soda before these illnesses become an issue.

It should also be stated that diet soda has no nutritional value. If you’re looking for vitamins and minerals, they won’t be found within the product. There are zero grams of protein and there’s no fiber or iron. So why drink it? If you drink it for the caffeine or the occasional ‘pick me up’ that’s not too harmful, but do so in moderation. It should not be a replacement for your daily multivitamin or your backdoor to not drink a healthy smoothie.

Finally, if you experience a lot of headaches, your diet soda may be the source. Are you experiencing mood swings, the jitters or tired? These are all signs of caffeine withdrawal. You have drank so much soda that your body has become dependent on it. It’s become conditioned to having caffeine to get through the day—and this is not a good way to live. Let these withdrawals come and then ease yourself off of caffeine. You’re going to be better off for it.

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Lisa Musser

Our generation grew up on diet soda. I was always chunky as a kid and my grandmother would buy me “Tab” and “Diet RC Cola.” The stuff tasted terrible and nothing like the Dr. Pepper I was so in love with at the time. Now that I’m an adult, I still struggle with soda addiction, but I know how bad diet soda is and I avoid it. Thank you for putting this information out there for the ones who don’t know and may still be drinking it.

Joshua Halloran

Soda, sweets and candies are the food diet for our body. The toxins they contain can trigger lots of diseases in our body. It is better to avoid soda. I am sharing this article with my peers to alert them about the complications they may face after consuming such foods. Looking forward to find more detailed research on this particular topic from you guys!


Oh I know how bad soda is in general but I will order that book.. I can’t wait to read it! Thanks a lot!!

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