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,man-872100_640There’s an old saying: “Beauty when you’re young is nature; beauty in old age you’ve earned.” In my personal opinion, I prefer to think of that phrase relating to inner beauty. In your 60’s, you should still feel healthy and youthful. There are steps to take in order to feel beautiful and young while you can still spoil those children calling you Grandma or Grandpa.

First, take care of your skin. You’ve heard it all your life. Stay out of the sun. Wear hats and wear sunscreen. While this is all great advice, those in their 60s need to take precautions in a different way. As we get older, our skin gets thinner. It becomes more fragile, which is why age spots appear on its surface. You may notice that lines and wrinkles are becoming more prominent. Consider purchasing skin repair creams such as Renova. This cream helps repair damaged skin and will keep it looking healthy.

Another way to live healthy is to keep up the exercise. If you’ve always been active, this shouldn’t be too hard. If you’ve gotten a late start, it’s never too late. Going for a slow but brisk walk around your neighborhood is a great way to exercise. You may also want to start with 2-pound dumbbells and work your arms. Lift your legs slowly up to your chest and down again. Move your leg up and down from the knee or spin your foot clockwise (or counter-clockwise) at the ankle. All these are simple, easy-to-do exercises that will help keep your muscles loose and your heart healthy.

In addition, choose a healthy diet. It’s best to eat a diet that is high in protein, low in fat and sugar, and rich in produce. Think about salmon, chicken, yogurt, eggs, cheese and turkey. These are all protein sources. Many fruits and vegetables are low in sugar and in fat. In fact, many fruits and vegetables are superfoods. These are foods that have super powers for your body. One may help prevent diabetes, while another may promote good eye sight or a healthy digestive system. If you eat foods such as these, you’re going to lengthen your life and live a long time.

Moreover, learn to laugh. Every so often you hear on the news “The world’s oldest man/woman died today. They were…115.” Then, when the reporter interviews the family, you often hear the same story. They adopted a positive attitude. They found enjoyment in their day to day life. And, they laughed. I’m sure they had stress, as just about anybody does, but the point is to not take life too seriously. Learn to let your hair down and kick your feet up. Learn to find enjoyment in even the silliest of things. Then, one day your family can tell the reporter that you loved to laugh.

Who says life stops after 60? Nobody should ever say that. You’re starting a new chapter in your life and you deserve to live it well. With all these tips, you’re going to be on top of your game and feel youthful every day. So go enjoy your second youth. Let me rephrase the saying I gave you in the beginning. “Youth when you’re a child is nature; youth when you’re older is beautiful.”

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Bammy Tek

I like your blog! Always hinting the old. The good you can do to them is give tips to look younger and healthier.

Gerald Morton

Life after sixty gets tough for those who consider themselves old. Normally elderly people take it on their nerves and stop living the life they should. I am 64 and like you, I focus on inner beauty. Me and my wife, we both do exercise daily and strictly follow diet plan suggested by our dietitian. I also love to read informative blogs. is my favorite and never miss any blog post of this.


I will show these tips to my grandfather and hopefully he will accept them. He is really stubborn sometimes.. Thank you so much!


Living better in the age over 60 is very challenging. Thanks for letting know some effective ways to make it happen.

Justin Reynolds

I sure hope that I can live another 30 years. I look at 60+ years old as a young age, compared to 80 for instance. These are good tips and in the end, it comes down to diet and exercise.


Very nice share! Glad to know how to live well in the age of 60! I’m looking forward to share the tips presented here to my granny. Hope she find the tips useful.

Justin Reynolds

I really hope that I can also live that long. These days, with such good food to eat and exercise that you can do, there is no reason you should not be able to live that long.

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