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We all know that, healthy smile depicts a healthy you! Moreover, your mouth reflects the real state of your body. Having brighter teeth doesn’t mean you have healthy smile, you’ve to make an extra effort as you age. Discover the secret of healthy smile after 60 and keep saying cheese by adding these simple tips to your life.

Keep Oral Hygiene

Incorporate proper brushing, flossing and rinsing in your daily routine after every meal. If you can’t make it after every meal, Brush at least twice a day to avoid cavities and several other oral problems. As we age, our teeth turn weak and cracked as well because of harsh brushing techniques, clenching and smoking.

Tackle Oral Dryness

While taking up various medications and medical treatments/therapies at aging phase, oral dryness is listed among their side effects. Drinking lots of water and avoiding coffee, soda, alcohol and fizzy drinks can help you get over the issue of dry mouth. Oral dryness gives rise to cavities and gum diseases too. Chew sugar free mint gums to encourage saliva production but consulting a dentist is must.

Visit your Dentist Frequently

Keep visiting your dentist regularly so he/she can ultimately detect and treat any disease that could affect bones, gums and ligaments following tooth loss in the end. Moreover, your dentist can track the symptoms of developing mouth cancer too that usually happen as we enter sixties.

Say “Hi” to Cosmetic Dentistry

Bonding and Veneers are the best known option for getting absolutely perfect teeth after entering in the phase of sixties. Our teeth lose their whitening and gradually stain as we age. But no worries, Cosmetic Dentistry can solve the problem and give you a youthful and healthy smile after your 60.

Tooth shifting is common among oldies. Overlapping, moving apart and rotation of teeth are challenging. But now you can opt for veneers or Invisalign to treat your teeth permanently.

Nutritional Diet

A well balanced eating regimen will give the right conditions to bolster your shining teeth. Sound teeth and gums require sufficient amounts of calcium, phosphorous, and vitamin C. If you abstain from utilizing products containing certain levels of tobacco, and pick a lip balm with an added sunscreen protection feature, you can easily save yourself from the deadly and hazardous mouth cancer.

Focus on the Daily Oral Regimen:

Maintaining your mouth takes a few steps every day and reduces the vulnerability to diabetes, heart disease and stroke. All you need to do is brush regularly, floss frequently and rinse with an anti bacterial thoroughly. As we age, we turn much prone to cavities and oral issues that can be easily kicked away by following a daily regimen of flossing and brushing. Take up a proper and nourishing diet and keep on visiting the dentist for regular dental checkups. These little steps will help you maintain your attractive and pleasant smile, showing off your pearl white sparkling teeth even after your 60’s.






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