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Exercise Your Brain For A Healthy Brain
Exercise Your Brain For A Healthy Brain

Almost everyone has an idea that our brains are involved in almost everything we do, be it our thoughts, our actions, and our behavior. It all reflects our brain activity in one way or the other. Your brain has amazing abilities to ensure productivity in your daily life. Having said that, do you think you know everything there is about this important part of your body to know? If you do, do you know how it needs to be taken care of to ensure health? Well, here are a few ways to take care of your brain:

Physical Exercise:

Did you know that mental health is not only limited to mental exercises but also physical exercise? Yes, a lot of people underestimate the power of physical exercise and take it as a way of maintaining weight and the physical body. Exercises such as Aerobic exercise increases BDNF, which stands for brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Exercise starts from every little step you take towards exertion of your body. If you have never considered exercising before and its taking a lot of effort for you to do so, start by warming up a little. Give yourself a break from all sorts of technology and keep yourself away from screens and give your mind a break too. Once you make walking a part of your routine, slowly move towards weight lifting as well. Remember, it is best to first consult a general physician so they can guide you according to your body type.

Don’t take too much stress:

Too much stress can be harmful to your mind and body. When the mind is distracted by stress all the time, it behaves rather differently. People have different ways of reacting to stress. Some start stress eating, some may feel demotivated very fast. It all starts from your brain. So avoid taking too much stress over something because recent studies have shown that when corticosteroid (the stress hormone) is increased, neurogenesis (brain growth) is decreased.

Role of Nutrition in grooming your Brain:

Since the brain needs a lot of energy to function, it extracts about 50% of oxygen and 10% of glucose from arterial blood. Nutrition plays an important role in keeping it healthy and if not taken with care, it can be dangerous to the brain. For example, now days, caffeine intake is very common among people of all ages in the form of tea and coffee. Caffeine does play a part in increasing alertness however, sustainability is the issue. There have been no studies showing the long-term benefit to the brain with use of caffeine.


Socializing is one of the most important parts of life. It is a basic human need. Socializing decreases ones risks of falling into depression which later can affect the body and mind both. Isolating yourself can results in decline of cognitive function while larger social network sizes are associated with better cognitive function.

It’s never too late to start caring about your mental and physical health. Give it a try and you will not regret a single action done is benefit of your mental health.

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As I watch my 2 grandmothers age, I am becoming more aware of how lifestyle has long-term effects. One is 83, but she is both physically and cognitively at least ten years “older” than the other who is 82. Do you have any other senior-friendly resources you can share on this topic?

Ray Plumlee

A very good resource is the They are a commercial based web site selling their own brand of vitamins. But they are also a very good resource for information. For example go here: for a very comprehensive discussion on Age Related Cognitive Decline.

Harold Johnson

Brain is the main processing unit our body, that’s why, requires a lot of energy to work in an efficient way. Though proper diet provides it the required energy, but the real tonic for it is mental and physical exercise. Consume caffeine daily and spend some quality time with your friends and family. This will keep your mind alert and healthy.

James de Beresford

Ha, one of the ads to the right of this post is for a book written by Dave Asprey, who advocates drinking coffee and taking nootropics to boost cognitive performance! I’m happy to say you prefer the old-fashioned methods: exercise, diet and a social life, which I am trying to integrate into my life as painlessly as possible. If I can still remember the word ‘neurogenesis’ tomorrow I’ll consider myself way ahead of the game.

Thomas Jones

Besides nutrition, you have to keep using it, right? The more you practice using your brain the less likely you are going to have to deal with cognitive issues.

Hugh Sellers

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Good tips here, but as you mentioned Thomas, you have to practice using your brain. There are mental exercises you can do. Personally, social interaction helps (as long as the people aren’t annoying) but I like combination activities that stimulate the brain and social interaction such as recreational card playing. I’ve found that to get the grey cells going, provide social interaction, and relaxation (even more when I win). If you want quiet time, do some reading, puzzles, or do something creative such as write, paint, or do music. Any other suggestions?… Read more »


Taking care of your brain is very important. Because it’s the only body part that controls our full body and all. Thanks for describing such nice tips.


This topic is very important. I think every people needed to learn these ways to take care of brain as we get aged. Thanks for sharing some nice tips.

Brandon Johnson

These are very good points. My grandpa did not want to move into a nursing home after his wife died, but was things like being able to socialize and be physical in some way that really sold him on his overall, long term health.

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